Friday, January 20, 2006

Tagging all my readers!

Today I headed out this morning with my friend Jean and our little ones and attended an Earth Family meeting. We needed to discuss a plan of events for the next few months. We also had a potential new family joining: I hope she decides to join, she seemed really nice.

The weather sucks right now and it is really cold, so Ji and I are not going to do anything eventful in any way today, just try to stay warm.

But in my daily reading of blogs I noticed that I was tagged again by The Babe in Kyushu, but this one I have not done.


1. Four jobs you have had in your life:
Horse-back riding instructor (for many years)
The coat check girl in a nightclub
Hospitality Hostess and programs organizer for all the children at SunnySide Campground
All around everything worker at Techni-Gro Greenhouses

2. Four movies you could watch over and over:
Monsters Inc.
Lady Hawk
Anything Jackie Chang

3. Four places you have lived:
Vernon (Canada)
Langley (Canada)
Chilliwack (Canada)
Fujieda (Japan)

4. Four TV shows you love to watch:
CSI Las Vegas
Murder She Wrote
Ummmm Now in Japan so everything is really old!

5. Four places you've been on vacation:
New York

6. Four websites you visit daily:
NEWS sites, all of them
All of the links on my side bar

7. Four of your favorite foods:
Blueberry jelly
Anything my husband cooks

8. Four places you'd rather be right now:
Under my kotatsu but I can turn it on. I am cold.
Shopping for packing containers, but it is raining.
On a beach in Tahiti, or somewhere warm.
Exploring Rome.

This is an official de-lurkering tag.
I have decided that everyone is tagged. Hehe

Especially the many people who read this but never leave comments.
It is time to share people.

BUT I would only like you to answer one tag question in the comment box below:

Four places you have been on vacation?

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Sorry this is late but my Internet provider sucks and kept freezing last night.

Today’s blessings:
-Ji as realized that when I hold her, I am more willing to hold her even longer if she actually grips with her legs and holds with arms. My back considers this a big blessing: she is getting very heavy.

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