Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I remember

I remember jumping out of the giant walnut tree into our huge red hammock.

I remember curling up between my horse Copper’s legs when he was taking a nap and having a nap with him.

I remember my mom giving our pony Candy an enema and cod liver oil because we fed her pancakes and made her dangerously constipated.

I remember building tunnels in the snowdrifts behind Number 2 chicken barn.

I remember making snowflake designs using candle wax dripping onto cold water.

I remember the sweet smell of fresh shavings that would waft into our bedroom when the barns had been cleaned out.

I remember holding an armful of little baby chicks and thinking they were the softest things I had ever touched.

I remember breaking the necks of the crippled chickens and not crying about it.

I remember feeding our ducks and the wild ones joining in the feast.

I remember that the neighbour’s dog killed my two pet bantee chickens and being really angry about it.

I remember thinking how cool it was to gut a chicken on killing day.

I remember when my brother and I found my dad’s Marvel Comic collection and thinking we had won the lottery.

I remember when my brother, sister and I had to crawl under the house to move our dog’s 14 puppies that she had just given birth to.

I remember that one of the puppies turned out to be the strangest stupidest dog ever imaginable.

I remember having a fight with my dad because I thought I was old enough to help with the 2am chicken catching.

I remember running away from home but only making it as far as the roof of barn number two.

I remember hearing my father calling for me after I had run away and shimmying around the roof so that he could not find me.

I remember helping birth lambs in the back barn.

I remember when our dog Toby brought a scared dog home. I walked into the house and thought I had seen a wolf so ran out of the house screaming ‘wolf’ at the top of my lungs. It freaked me out so much I locked myself in side the truck until dad checked it out.

I remember Toby apologizing for scaring me for days after.

I remember waking up from a deep sleep and my father was standing there with Craig Hill who was waiting for me to go play something or other. I remember diving under my pillow and not playing with Craig for days after.

I remember Craig crying on the school bus on our last day of elementary school life.

I remember clear as a bell the first time I said ‘shit’ in front of my father.

I remember sneaking lipstick onto the school bus and putting it on then, because my mom wouldn’t let me wear it.

I remember swimming in the river with my horse Copper by holding onto his tail and him pulling me along.

I remember turning my expensive leather saddle to a giant ball of green mold because of swimming in the river with Copper.

I remember my parents finally killing the mold by pouring an entire bottle of baby oil over that saddle. (Still have this saddle.)

I remember when the power failed on Christmas Day and we returned home to 18thousand chickens that had suffocated to death due to the fans having stopped.

I remember holding my sisters hand.

I remember the beehive my mom had in the field.

I remember the day a parachuter landed on our lawn and my sister and I just stood there staring at him like he was an alien that had just landed on earth.

I remember playing pac-man at our neighbours place.

I remember running at breakneck speed from my grandfather’s crazy bull cow.

I remember my grandmother giving me a birthday present and saying ‘now open your colouring book, dear’.

I remember watching my first three-day event on cross-country day and being hooked for life.

I remember going camping with my grandparents in their motor home.

I remember us using the floor rug to slide down my grandparent’s living room steps.

I remember cutting my ankle open on a bike spoke but I don’t remember where. (Turned out to be in Florida.)

I remember holding my grandfather’s hand while he was having a stroke and feeling more useless than I have ever felt.

I remember a star shaped paperweight crashing down off of my aunt’s windowsill and hitting me smack on the noggin when we had gathered at her house after bringing my grandfather to the hospital because of the stroke. I remember that it drew blood but I never told anyone.

I remember riding Candy down the road with my mother walking beside.

I remember every day of the five years of separation and divorce hell that we went through.

I remember that my sister always smelled good, even when she smelled bad.

I remember being blamed for breaking some girls ginger bread house in grade 2 or 3 and to this day I SWEAR I NEVER TOUCHED IT!!

I remember my mom dressing me up as a feminist for Halloween.

I remember having horse poop throwing fights with my brother when we were mad at each other.

I remember seeing my husband for the first time.

I remember seeing my daughter for the first time.

Ok I think that is TONS.
This memory lane was a tag from Jonathan.
Now it is my turn to tag some people.
I tag Granny because she has some amazing stories to tell.
I tag Myrna because she needs to UPDATE HER BLOG!
I tag ipod because I am curious.

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