Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A love letter to my husband on his birthday

To my husband,

Today is your thirty first birthday and I am so proud to have been with you for five of them. I love you and I know that your daughter loves you too.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and knew you would remain a large part of my life forever. I never believed in love at first sight until you asked me about my nachos in the bar we were sitting in.

We will be eighty years old and sitting in our rocking chairs and I will still giggle about the first time you spoke English to me and said:
“Long, long ago, my father was very young.”
Someone that can make me laugh so easily must be a good guy.

You have been through a lot with me, and I with you, but I pray that we continue our life journey together. You have put up with all of my quirks and for that, I thank you. I know I am not an easy person to live with at times but trust me you have a few quirks yourself. Together we have learned to change and to accept (although you really need to learn how to hang up the towel properly after you have had a shower!). You did go out late last night because you have a holiday today and made me really miffed. I will try hard not to nag to you about it.

You have been a wonderful father to our little girl and a great husband to me (minus the occasional remarks about my large ass that may get you decapitated some day) in every way. We have learned that we can trust each other completely and it has made our relationship so much fun and relaxing to be a part of.

I will never forget the day you held our daughter in the delivery room for the first time: the look on your face told me that we had not made a mistake and that all would be well between us forever. You continue to amaze me with your parenting whit and I wish you had your own blog to share your ideas and joy with others more.

I know that the continuing saga of the Canadian visa must end positively some day so that we can live out our dream together as a family. I know that this hell, and this hell, and this hell, have made us both wonder if it will be possible at times, but your wiliness to continue in this struggle has made me love you more. You say we are moving because you hope it makes me happy but I hope that it makes you happy as well.

You have huge dreams for our future and the fact that you have them and see me as a part of them makes my heart swell with more love and pride.

So wishing you a Very Happy Birthday my darling.

All my love,
Your Wife and Friend Andrea

I was reading Wide Island and he had this little tidbit in his post: “Because it was a good day, I believe I’ll take a moment to tally its blessings. I recently read about a British psychologist researching happiness. He recommends closing each day by writing down three or four of its high points.”
I like this idea, and my only new years resolution is going to be to attempt to add an update in the evening at the end of every post, that includes one or more things that I think were the days little blessings.)

Today’s blessings:
- I finally found a simple yet elegant winter jacket that can be worn every day and was 55% off.
- JiXiang came up to me almost running and gave me a hug in the department store.
- We celebrated my husband’s birthday with him at home and we spent the whole day together.

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