Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To CaliGirl with love

My Blog has connected me to a lot of people and I have to say that most of them are great. In fact, when I try to tell my husband about a funny story I read or an interesting fact worth mentioning, I say:
-My Internet friend.......

Yes, friend.
I have never met most of you and unfortunately never will, but I do love you all.
Right now I have a huge amount of love and a giant hug for CaliGirl.
Yes girl, you.
All because of a comment that you made some months ago about my immigration headaches.

As most know, we are trying to get Li a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. For some a short painless process, for us a long drawn out stressful process. Unfortunately CaliGirl went through the same stress. The fortunate part is she got her visa and the fact that she has it is the only light of hope that is inside me right now.

My dad keeps trying to remind me that he too is an immigrant and he made it to Canada. It is not working in my brain though. That was many years ago before the Bush years and the farming out of government work. When he came the world was also recovering from a war and things were so different. I am making excuses but they are all I feel right now.

As I wrote yesterday we got yet another letter from Immigration that had reduced me to tears yet again. Li’s original medical work (NOT the new one just done last month), as well as his Police clearance papers for Japan have reached the age of one year, so are now considered not valid.
To put it mildly my heart hit the floor and it was all that I could do to be cheerful for my daughter. She can read a change of voice instantly now and I am already suspecting she has inherited my high level of compassion. Some is good but I think (and Li does to) that maybe I have just a bit too much because it causes me soooooo much stress. Ji’s face can change so instantly sad if she hears me sound sad. I really do not want her worrying like that when so young.

I basically felt that all was lost but my father has fortunately created a pretty good repore with our Member of Parliament rep and we are able to get very speedy responses from them. Dad talked to him and then phoned (at 5 in the morning but I don’t care because this is too important) and it was then that I remembered CaliGirls comment.

She too had this letter come in the mail telling her that her medical was no longer valid, but she got an extension.
I thankfully remembered this and dad and the MP guy went about finding the best kiss ass way to do this and not offend.

I have just finished writing the letter and have sent it off.
The little light has started to flicker slightly in my heart again. I am hoping that it is able to relax my stomach, which has been in spasmodic pains since I opened the letter.

CaliGirl, thank you for finding me. I am so glad you decided to move to Canada.

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