Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Rants to tears

This morning has not been a good morning.
I woke up, turned on the hotmail and was put into instant rant mode.
My rants today consisted of two problems.
First: Blogger was not letting me upload pictures and I was getting very frustrated. It was NOT a cookies problem this time. My computer is working just fine.
Second: This whole visa thing!!!
I got an email from my MP contact and had a very hard time responding to it with out ripping off his head while writing. It is not all his fault that things are this way. Ninety eight percent of my problems still lie with Manila.
I got JiXiang ready as cheerfully as I could and got her to daycare with as much smiling as I could muster. Then it was full mumbling to myself in rant mode.
I think there was steam coming out of my ears, my eyebrows were stuck together in the middle and my mouth is stuck in a permanent frown. The Cleaning lady was too afraid to say good morning to me as I walked by. The lights were too afraid to turn red.
I changed to my uniform in a halo of anger, headed to the office with Condi Rice type radar eyes and proceeded to wash the tea machines.
By the time I was halfway through the first machine my ranting had subsided into a state of helplessness.
The tea machine on the third floor was void of people and my eyes started to fill and I was on the edge of tears.
My first class today has canceled and I am now writing this in rambling mode in hopes that I can equalize my inner turmoil right now.


I do everything by the book. I follow the rules. I do what they tell me. I dot every ‘i’ and cross all the ‘ts’. What more can I do?

I can assure you, my husband is not one of the Chinese people that you read about in the papers. He does not think Canada is the land of milk and honey. He does not believe that heaven awaits him there. The idea of sneaking into the country is not an option.
Right now he thinks we are a country of idiots who CAN NOT READ!

Yes, read.

All of my problems boil down to people who are not reading the letter sent to them.
My husband’s visa has been swilling in a state of limbo since February of this year due to what they call ‘miscommunication’.
I don’t. I call it idiocy.
The embassy claims that they sent us a letter way back in February requesting further medical checks. We never got the letter.
They said they sent another one in June. Again, we never got that letter either.
Their third letter, was sent in August and stated that this was our final warning to comply and do the medical check was the only letter that we received. Of course, this letter did not state what checks were required and read, to me and to our MP man, as the Embassy never receiving the original medical check that we had done last year.
I panicked and sent the embassy a letter telling them I had no idea what they were talking about and that we had NEVER received there first letter. I am positive I wrote ‘never’ in big bold letters.
I am now positive they never read it.
I told all of this to my MP man when we contacted him after a month of receiving no work from the embassy about my letter. I am now thinking even he never read my information letter.
They again claimed to have sent me three letters and that they never received medical papers and gave no mention to the fact that I told them I had not received their letters.
This has been going on now for almost two months, a little over three from when I received the final notice letter from the embassy. My nerves have been tattered.
I contacted my doctor in Tokyo and asked them to resend copies of everything but they could not send x-rays because copies are not made. This was done two weeks ago.
I told my MP man and faxed him the shipping paper. I also told him that the x-rays were not included and that I was worried about this.
His email back said that I should try to remain calm (ya right) and that there was still a possibility that the originals were still in processing. (Huh?) Then tell me!! Confirmation please!!!
Today my MPs email said that the embassy received the medical copies but that this was not what they had requested from me in February (still don’t know what that was though). They are now sending my doctor and me a letter requesting,
get this,
Yes people.
I personally believe that the pinheads lost my paper work. My grandmother thinks someone stole them. They are using the copies and actually calling them originals and are now requesting Li does the x-rays again as if we had never done them in the first place. They even are putting in the doctor’s note that they are supposed to always send the x-rays when sending medical papers.
My feeling of helplessness has hit rock bottom. I am beginning to see this all as a sign that Li should take his bosses offer and become a permanent employee, and I start teaching privates. We stay in this damn country forever.
Do I want to?
I am phoning the doctors in about five minutes, when they open, to talk to them about this shit. I am also going to take a day off and go to Tokyo with Li because I DON’T WANT ANY MISTAKES!
Li’s English reading and writing ability sucks. (yet another studying rant at a later date)
We are going to spend another almost 500bucks to go to Tokyo and pay for these x-rays and I am going to cry handing them my credit card. I am going to curse the ridiculous price of the trains in Japan and I am going to pray for a sunny day. The only good thing is I can take a paid holiday; bad thing is that Li doesn’t get offered these.
All I want to do right now is curl up into a little ball and cry myself to sleep.

It feels like I am never going to get back to Canada as a family.

All I want is to keep my family together.

Why is this so damn hard for them to understand?

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