Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life in the 'House of Ji'

My daughter is trying to kill me slowly.

Last night was a long night, once again, with little sleep. I pulled every trick in the book to get her to fall asleep: cocooned in her blanket and rocked, allowed to play with her toys while mom laid on the hot carpet with a blanket, let her nurse until my boobs were concave, and finally abandoning her.
Well not really.

In the end, after two hours of no sleeping, I finally said ENOUGH and left her with her daddy while I took off with a blanket to the tatami room and a hot carpet. Li closed the bedroom door and Ji pounded on it for a while. Finally she gave up and went sobbing to her daddy where she finally fell asleep. I laid on the hot carpet (that had been set too high, so I started to sweat) for about an hour, until my back screamed ‘move’ and I ventured into the bedroom again.
There was BabyJi all sprawled out in my area of the bed.
I shuffled her over and passed out at around 4:30 this morning.

Today’s blessing:
- No morning classes!

She has been quite a wonderful girl other than that, though.

- She has started taking a towel and wiping up the juice that she spills. She is actually starting to get very good at it.

- She has figured out how to carry the giant (compared to her) lid on my storage boxes and is determined to help me pack. The result is that it takes almost an hour to pack a single box that should only take about 20 minutes. Packing has been very slow going these days.

- She has been an absolute wonderful little girl in her high chair. She is sitting like a queen and is only standing to reach behind her chair and grab her juice or food that I haven’t provided for her. A very simple ‘sit down please, sweetie’ is working great!

- I started giving her her afternoon fruit snack in her little Poo-Bear plate while she is sitting on the floor watching Baby Einstein, rather in the chair. She has been great and eats out of it perfectly. Until it is finished, then she tips it upside down and proceeds to swish around the last remaining juices all over the floor. But then she finds her towel and wipes it up.

- This morning, and most morning, she got up and I sponge bath her then changed her into her new clothes while she watched Baby Einstein. We talked about the movie as it is happening. She LOVES the ‘Wild Animals’ video. After she sits all pretty on the sofa and watches all intently, looking up at me every once and a while to point something interesting out to me. Yesterday she actually hopped onto the couch, sat down, and proceeded to watch ‘Legally Blond’ while I house cleaned. (She really enjoyed that movie. She kept giggling at the dog.)

On a bad note, she is now able to climb onto the sofa and then climb over the back of the sofa. Mommy does not like the over-the-back thing!

She is also tall enough to reach AN EXTREMELY deep distance on the table and there is no safe place left in our house to put things.

She is refusing to listen to ‘come here please’ when we are outside going for a walk. As far as she is concerned outside is fair game and she can do as she pleases. Temper tantrums are becoming common. (sigh)

She is still pulling my hair. ONLY MINE!! She never pulls her daddies hair and it is the same length as mine!


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