Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sleeepppp, please

I am so tired.
I cant sleep: it feels like not at all.

For a few days BabyJi was partly to blame. She was going through one of her growth spurts and this means she suddenly wants to eat twice a night instead of only once. She is also teething. Poor girl has THREE big molars coming in all at the same time. She slept great last night and was happy going to daycare today. The last few days she has been crying when I dropped her off.

So much of my sleeping problem has to do with stress. I cant relax right now: my brain is churning a million miles a minute spewing out my ‘things-to-do list’ and that list is getting so long.
Ever since Li’s passport came back I have been restless and in panic mode.

One huge blessing lately is the very relaxed schedule I have had at work the past two weeks. My students have been crazy busy and I have not been tracking them down to sign their spot for the next week. I have had many windows of time to think, blog, reminisce and try to just bloody relax.

I think if a doctor checked my blood pressure right now it would be up. I can actually feel my heart beating faster and feel twitchy.


I have been spending long nights in front of the computer fiddling and surfing: doing basically nothing. If I lay down, and I am not yet exhausted, I have an even harder time falling asleep.
Li has been a little annoyed with me about this: he doesn’t understand completely. On his days off we used to sit together and watch a movie together. He spends time searching for a movie that we can watch together and right now the thought of sitting still is actually making my heartbeat faster.
I have become a very fast typist.

I am all pissy at the Canadian Embassy again but this time the one in Japan. I emailed them asking about BabyJi’s passport renewal and I haven’t heard back yet. I need that damn passport done NOW! If there is nothing in my inbox by early afternoon I am phoning the bastards and putting on my annoyed voice for the secretary. I need results and answers YESTERDAY!

Li called the Recycle people and they are coming next week to check out our furniture and tell us what they are willing to buy off of us. We need to know what we have to throw away as throwing away is not easy in Japan. Then we have to arrange a time for them to pick everything up in April. Thank god for Kim reminding me that April was the ‘BIG moving month’ for all of Japan due to transfers and that I have to reserve a time with the recycle guys NOW or we will be totally screwed in April.

I need to scrub the 100% fake leather sofa this weekend so that it is sparkling. They must take it!

Then yesterday there was a two-window break in my schedule so I got on the phone and phoned the airline people. Why the hell are one-way tickets more expensive than return? You would think that because I am only using half the gas it would be cheaper!! Stupid.
I have no comprehension of how airline people do things.

I told Li to wake me up when he got home last night so that we could talk about airlines: two in the morning is the only time we can talk these days. If I can recall what was said, my brain was very foggy, I think it is quite a bit cheaper for us to buy our tickets to Canada from an agent in Shanghai. We will only buy one-way tickets to Shanghai from Japan and then buy the other tickets when we get to China. I think this was what my non-mathematical brain was able to work out at 3ish in the morning. I will have to talk with him again this weekend because I cannot really remember.
But then even this pisses me off and totally confuses me. My travel agent here in Japan is dealing with the same airline as the one the travel agent in Shanghai is and the Japan agent was charging me more than double for the same damn ticket!!!


On a totally unrelated note, I got word back on all the questions I asked the Charmed people about my new blog and it was nice.

A real person wrote the note!
I wonder how long they are going to be able to keep that available?
He agreed with my total dislike for the overly advertised blog look and said that they are going to only keep the ads sitting along the top strip but I have the option to rent out small areas of space (I decide where) in other areas of my blog (probably along the side bar). I get 50% of that rental money if I decide to do that. Hmm.
They also will be paying us by Pay Pal so currencies and different country locations is not a problem.
He also said that I will be able to control, up to a point, what type of ad is placed in the rental spot so that my look is not destroyed. He also said that they would be screening their ads well for any ‘adult or improper’ content.

What the hell, eh, I might as well give the ad thing a try when it comes out. Who knows, many be I will make money.
I am tired.
Daydreaming is allowed.


Today’s blessings:

I had a crappy day at work being so tired and all. When I finished I was sooooo ready to head home: no smiles, only exhaustion written on my face.

But three two things today made me really smile:

  • Just as I rode my bike through the company gates this Harley Davidson motorbike roared by. Normally motorbikes makes me immediately think ‘donor’. I don’t know why, maybe it was the handle bars that were so long his hands were being held above his head: maybe it was the I-want-sex purple that the body had been painted: maybe it was the fact that his skull helmet was painted the same colour: maybe it was the fact that there was more chrome than I have seen in a long time even on his chaps? What ever the reason this bike made me smile and I smiled all the way to the daycare.
  • Then at daycare BabyJi saw me as I pulled up on my bike and ran to the window waving frantically with both hands. More smiles
  • Then while I was making us a salad BabyJi wanted a piece of avocado to munch on. I handed her a piece and she dropped it on the floor. She didn’t see it land and never heard anything. She immediately started looking down her shirt sleeve for the piece of avocado and made me smile even more.

My day sucked but my evening has been pretty good.

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