Sunday, January 29, 2006

Medium-term memory

I am sitting at work and hacking up a lung.
I really should be at home and doing it but I didn’t want to stay home today.
How is that for totally weird? Hehe lol
Today is a Ji and Daddy day so I don’t really want to intrude. They have such little time together during the week. I am going to cancel my English class tonight. I am pretty sure I wont have any voice left by then either.
That and it is Chinese New Year. Tonight we must feast.
I have to phone Li and remind him of that. Hehe

So the other day my blessing was that my kid hadn’t cracked her noggin open when she fell out of her high chair. She also looked like she had learned her lesson.
Well here is an update on her ability to remember.
  • On Saturday afternoon she fell off.

  • On Saturday evening she sat like a prefect little girl and ate like a princess.

  • On Sunday morning she was pretty good and sat perfect for much longer that she ever did before. She did go into a kneeling position but I was willing to accept that. I am the first to admit that no child can sit still for a long time, but I will get pissy at standing.

  • On Sunday afternoon she was great for most of her eating time and then near the end she sat on the arm of the chair again. I reached over and lifted her leg forcing her to tilt back slightly and she quickly sat down again with this sheepish grin on her face.

  • I had to do the leg lift a few times that night as well. Basically she is sitting very good, definitely much better that before, but as she nears the end of her eating schedule she starts to want to stand. She is usually getting her fruit dessert (she is in love with mandarin oranges at the moment), and she can eat that standing on the floor rather than in the chair. I have to just make a few compromises in her schedule and together we can last with out fighting. I hope.

We will see.
Tomorrow my little girl turns one and I am having a few personal freak-outs and realizations about this.

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