Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winning Numbers for New Years Cards

If you received a New Years Postcard from me dig it out and check the numbers on the bottom right hand corner with these winning numbers. If you have won send the card back to me and we will collect the prize for you. If you have won fourth prize don’t both.


First Prizes
  • Hawaii Tour

  • Domestic Travel

  • Notebook Personal Computer

  • Digital Video Camera and Printer Set

  • DVD Recorder and Home Theater Set
(Choice of one prize from the above)
WINNING NUMBERS: 706592 / 284148

Second Prizes
  • Digital Camera

  • Choice Gift

  • Digital Audio Player

  • Radio Controlled Solar Watch

  • Induction Heating Rice Cooker
( Choice of one prize from the above)
WINNING NUMBERS: Last 5 digits 82201 / Last 5 digits 74490

Third Prizes
  • Specialty Parcel of Region
WINNING NUMBERS: Last 4 digits 6226 / Last 4 digits 5657

Fourth Prizes
  • Lottery stamp sheet(50yen?80yen)
WINNING NUMBERS: Last 2 digits 07 / Last 2 digits 51

Period of exchange: January 16-July 18, 2006The winning quantities are calculated from the numbers of New Year’s Lottery Postcards(4,085million) and Stamps(23.2million) issued.

I have been having a few problems adding my updates lately. My Internet provider totally sucks (Tokai grr) and is constantly freezing during peak evening hours. I don’t want to go through the huge hassles of switching though because it is not for too much longer.

Today’s blessing:
Little Ji and I have been having a continuous fight for many months now about table manners.
Ji loves to stand in her high chair and I really don’t like it.
The chair does not come with a belt so I devised one that she considers equivalent to hand cuffs and out screams my patience threshold. She has also figured out how to wiggle her ass out of it. She enjoys sitting on the arm of the chair and freaking me out.
I have done the screaming, the pleading, the forcibly sitting her down and lately the quiet patient please.
Nothing is working.
She has even started doing this cocky I am so bloody cool sitting style. I finally came to the conclusion that I can continue all of my antics but in reality the kid needs to scare the shit out of her self.
Well today she did. Once again she sat on the arm (she does it with me right there pulling her arm to bloody sit down, grr) and started her I am so damn cool routine.
She FELL!!
Thankfully I have been waiting for this to happen and I grabbed her foot as she went over. Her head never touched the ground and she dangled for a second. I quickly hugged her then made her walk as I was a tad worried about her leg that I had grabbed. She proceeded to run at me screaming, so the legs and hips are totally fine. She had a pretty good heart attack and spent the next couple of hours curled up on my legs. When she had dinner tonight she did not make any attempts to stand or sit on that arm.
SOOO Today’s blessing is that my kid didn’t crack her bloody noggin open when she fell, and there is a possibility that she learned her lesson. We will find out tomorrow.

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