Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Horoscope Future

Li has decided that based on that stupid horoscope book I bought him; he is going to pass his Japanese language test.

There are three reasons why he has decided to believe that this will happen:

Reason One:
The book said: The month of December will be a bad month for work.

This is very true. This is Li’s last month of work with no prospects as of yet for January. Plus there are many days of holiday this month so his check will be fairly small.

Reason Two:
The book said: Woman will swoon at your feet.

Well I think my husband is a pretty damn good-looking guy. He also has woman constantly eyeing him when he goes out to bars. AND at the test on Sunday there was a Chinese girl from Taiwan who was quite literally following him around. She noticed him just after he signed in and attached herself to him immediately. Considering the state of anxiety he was in over the test I am surprised he was as polite to her as he was. His words, ‘She was really annoying and a little freaky.’ She was doing the same level as him and talking to him non-stop. She made sure she was sitting next to him in the classroom and got as close as she could during the lunch break. Then she crowded next to him on the bus. It was on the bus that I destroyed her little fantasy. Yes me. (grin) I phoned Li to find out where to meet him and he answered his phone in English. She was all wide eyed and asked him why he had been speaking English.
‘I am meeting my wife at the station.’
Li said her mouth dropped and then turned into a pout. Sorry girly, he is taken.

Reason Three:

The above two reasons being fairly true he is hoping that the book telling him:

Your tests will be successful,

will come true.

He hopes.

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