Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Magazine Crazyiness

On Saturday I was obviously a tad depressed about the outcome of things so I felt like buying something. I do not need anything but had this urge to spend money I don’t have.

So I bought some magazines.

I bought Ji a little book of fruit pictures. It is a baby book that has half and full size pages to add more interest as the page turns. She has been checking it out and thankfully not eating it.

I bought myself the January edition of JJ, a fashion magazine.
Japanese fashion magazines can add a source of humour for my day sometimes. This one was no exception. Besides the Tweety based clothing line, which is now everywhere, as well as Cinderella beauty tips, there was also the latest makeup artist section.

Every month in the makeup section they take someone famous and then change some model to look like that famous person. In the past there has been Brittany and Claire Danes, among others.
This month was Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and the Beauty and the Beast Girl.
The cartoon characters, not the humans.
YES people, they were trying to copy the makeup from the cartoon drawings onto the real life models. It created a good giggle for me.

In another section there was ‘BANGS’ and the best bang style for your head. They created this bangs-order-card thingy so you could just pop out the picture of your bangs of choice and on the back of the card was the cutting directions for your hairdresser.
Now the idea is great. I would love to have something like that for some of the hairstyles I see but my hairdresser either does not understand me or has no idea how to create the look. The problem was that EVERY SINGLE STYLE LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME. No joke. Exactly! The difference might have been in a single cm of length, or ten more hairs wisped to the side. They had three pages of bangs and I could not see a difference.
I had Li check just in case my brain had shut down but he too could not see anything different. The pictures were labeled as the best date-look, sexy-look, or working girl-look and they all LOOKED like long bangs tapered to the side with a bit of gel to make them stay. Hmm.

I did find the exact jacket that I want. Now I have to find an affordable one in the stores.

For Li I bought a 2006 horoscope thingy.
Now Li is NOT into this stuff, I just bought it more as a joke than anything. Right now our future is so cloudy any bit of insight would be nice. He actually tried to find some stuff on getting visas.
What he did find was that;
1. Both of us are supposed to take life slowly. No problem there, seeing as our life has just been put on hold once again.
2. That we will both be happy together. I could have told you that.
3. That we both will experience a lot of stress. GEE do ya think?

Then he checked out our job abilities for next year. These created some giggles.

For me:
1. A teacher. Hahhaha
2. An artist of some sort. Graphics or something. I was actually taking graphics courses before moving to Japan.
3. Some sort of job where I am the manager and telling everyone what to do. Hmmm. I like that.
4. A model. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
5. A politician. HA! Could you imagine? GIVE MY HUSBAND HIS DAMN VISA NNNOOOWWWW!!!!!!
6. A judge. Now isnt that a scary thought?

For Li:
1. A chef. Preferably always at home.
2. A professional sports person. HAHAHA, the man wont bike faster than a turtle can walk. I recommended golf and he said I was loosing it. (I still think he would be good at it.)
3. An actor. He has actually done a stint as a pirate captain in a crap movie that was made in Shanghai many odd moons ago. He is thinking he should go to Korea and get a body make-over than star in CSI.
4. A model (3 and 4 made his head swell bigger than a melon)
5. Make swords. Which is good because he can also be a......
6. A kung-foo Master. No joke! Those were the exact words.

Li’s theory is that he will become a professional kung-foo master, kick Jet Li and Bruce Lee’s ass in the movies and model for GQ, but come home and cook dinner every night.

I am all for that.

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