Sunday, December 04, 2005

Now let me tell you about Sunday

(My Saturday is posted below.)

This Sunday was a very busy but great day.

(I just sprinted to the tea machine and encountered six people laughing and giggling away while constantly bending down and looking at this seemingly blaa piece of copper foil sheet. They kept laughing and going ‘I don’t know why’. I am feeling lost as I totally do not understand what they are laughing at. I might be able to answer this later. Hmm - Chemical engineer humour I am suspecting.)

The day started very early with Li getting up to go to his Japanese test.
I am only mildly touching his true feelings when I say:
He was F***ing nervous!
He really wanted to pass this test but this test was HARD. Medea did level one yesterday, I hope she survived.

I woke up at the same time to quickly take advantage of him being in the house so that I could take a shower with out Ji banging on the shower door (literally).

Then he was off, beautifully dressed, an orange in his stomach, the worst sort of butterflies ticking his throat and a cold to top it all off.

I went on a whirlwind cleaning spree and the house was almost (not quite) shinning after. Ji has become fascinated with the vacuum cleaner. She likes to hold it and push it. She also likes to climb on top of it. I think she might be ready for one of those little tiny tractor things soon what she has to push with her feet. She has to master her walking a bit better first (which is getting VERY good).

Li phoned at 10:30ish very happy. His first part of the test was not anywhere near as hard as he expected and he felt really good about it. He thinks he did really well on that section except for the last question where he filled in the wrong box.

I then strapped Ji into her back carrier thingy and jumped on my bike to go food shopping. I was really hoping that she would fall asleep in the carrier while shopping but no, wide eyes and giggly the whole time.

We had lunch and then Ji and I bundled up again and headed to Shizuoka. I had to buy a book for an English class and then I was going to meet up with Li.
I got my book and then met Li at the station. He decided that he did not want to go shopping; he really just wanted to go home.

There were foreigners EVERYWHERE. According to Li there were tons of people at the test and in the morning the station was so full of foreigners the Japanese population actually appeared to be the minority. Must have really confused a few folks. Hehe

Between riding the train, eating a simple dinner at a restaurant, buying eggs at the supermarket (I forgot to before) and getting home I lost count of how many times Li complained about how hard the test was, how he is praying that he passed, and how tired his brain felt. If he wasn’t complaining to me he was complaining to Ji.

I guess the first section that felt simple was just a teaser and the rest of the test was freaky hard. He did feel some gratification in the fact that he did finish all the parts in the short time allowed. He could clearly see others quickly filling in the answer sheets with no regard to the questions near the end.
He must have said a million times:
-I really do not ever want to do that test again. I really, really hope I passed.

I let him complain and kept my mouth shut.
I was taking off for a party and leaving him at home so decided to allow him to complain all he wanted.


Last night was officially my second night out with out JiXiang.
(I actually felt a little guilty.)
My friend Jean and I left the daddies with the babies and we headed out to Shizuoka to watch our friends’ band play.
We had a great time.
We arrived just as the first song was starting and I quickly grabbed my video camera and put it into action. I got all of the first set and about half of the second set on tape. I have a gazillion pictures to put on my pictures site but right now I can only give you the few flickr pictures I took.

Trust me the rest of the pics will be posted, as many people want to see them. The video will then be forwarded to Abby who wants to put it onto DVD.

The bands name is Hello Pussy.
Read all you want into the name, it is all correct. It is actually based off of the animation character, Hello Kitty, which Kelly hates and loves to deface.
The members are:
Abby – my bud from Eastern Canada who plays organ, banjo and bass AND she sings. She also writes music and makes me laugh. She is leaving this country in a few weeks and moving to New Zealand with………

Kelly – my truly great Kiwi friend whom I love to bits. He is the main bass player and can scream a couple of crazy songs that I honestly don’t know. He is leaving for his motherland in January and I am sniffing as I write. (sigh)

Dan – the truly great English/Irish man, and the best bud around. Since he moved farther up the cost I haven’t been able to see him much and miss him terribly. We are going to try to get together this Christmas holidays. He is the guitar player and rocks with the best. He used to bring his guitar to his little kids English classes and the children loved him.

Will – I met him through the above three. He is the drummer and a great guy. Unfortunately he does not live very close either but I enjoy him to bits whenever I am around him. I need to make a bit more contact with him so I do not loose touch with him. He is a fellow Canadian and a great guy to know. He is also sticking around for a little while longer and I am running low of friends. (sigh)

Other than the band I knew about 4 other people in the audience but I still had a wonderful time.
Jean went crazy dancing and Janet, you would have pissed yourself laughing to watch her. It was like some explosion went off and Jean became a member of the Foot Loose cast. Jean I love you and have some incriminating evidence to show you later. Hahaha.

We stayed out a little later than we had planned but enjoyed ourselves immensely.
I will post pictures in a day or two as proof of the great time that we had.

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