Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just an update

First I would just like to apologize to you all for not answering my comments as well as I used to, I am reading them on the sly at work, and I also want to apologize to my fellow blogging friends for not checking in on your blogs for a while.
I am busy!

I have been in school for two weeks tonight now. I am really enjoying it and I think I am actually getting it. The Bookkeeping 1 course is difficult but I have the best teacher. She is really just great. The Excel course I am taking has been a breeze and I am enjoying that.

Work for me is still doing really good. I had a one and a half month review and it was very positive.

Li’s job is rocky but things are getting better. He has had to exercise a bit of muscle and fire a few guys to get the kitchen into order. It still has a ways to go but the food is finally starting to improve.

ToddlerJi is growing and some of her pants will soon have to be moved to the Salvation Army donation pile. She got some of her vaccinations today. I am expecting a bad night the poor girl had six shots. Yucky.

If you recall a few posts ago I was in a mental debate about what to do about ToddlerJi’s Chinese language learning. Well we have not made any moves to work with this Chinese lady as of yet. Right now I am kicking Li in the butt more often to make time to talk with her (his work schedule is not messing well with her sleep schedule right now), I am also playing more Baby Einstein and Walt Disney with the Chinese language turned on. She is really enjoying it and she LOVES Baby Einstein! She tries to say the words in Chinese all the time and practices as well. It is good. I am learning a tiny bit as well.

Well, we have not been forcing the issue and not looking actively. Our realtor emails me stuff and if anything interests me I will look. Well last weekend we say a town house in our price range that made us go, ummm, maybe?

Kind of freaked me out a bit actually. Well I am looking at it again tomorrow and taking photos so that I remember (I swear memory loss is setting in) but I am also looking at another place on Saturday that just popped up that sounds really nice as well: going to take photos to compare. It is making me nervous though. The whole house buying process makes my sleeping ability close to nil.

So there is an update and as of yet we have no exciting plans for the weekend: last weekend ToddlerJi and I played together the whole time.

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