Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What should I do?

Interesting dilemma.

ToddlerJi goes to daycare 4 days a week: the daycare lady is full on Wednesdays so on Wednesdays ToddlerJi stays with Grandpa.

Well Li met a lady in his ESL class who is Chinese and does babysitting/teaching. She has one France born little boy of three that now speaks Chinese, English and French because that is what his parents wanted. This lady told Li that she would be willing to take ToddlerJi on Wednesdays for the same price that our daycare costs.

Because of Li’s working hours he is not speaking as much Chinese to her as she should be getting and I speak none.

A part of me is all for it but another part of me is worried that I am bouncing her around to too many different people. Originally my daycare lady was going to apply to the government to allow ToddlerJi to come on Wednesdays because she doesn’t have any baby babies on Wednesdays. This made me happy but now this other opportunity has come up and I am all ummm?????

So what is your opinion on this?

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