Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ceramics, police and cell phones

Last night I returned home from work to find a HUGE shopping bag of stuff on the floor.
Well you don’t leave a bag on the floor and not expect me to check out its contents. Only problem here was that everything inside was very well wrapped.
From what I could tell my dear husband had gone ceramic shopping yet again.

Li has been on this quest for affordable Japanese looking ceramics to bring back to Canada with us. Fine, but I want to see what he bought!!!

Well after ToddlarJi and I had dinner I couldn’t resist any longer and I opened up all the packages that had been carefully wrapped for shipping: I had to re wrap them of course.
But Li bought this beautiful plate that I had been eying the other day. It is a water scene with Japanese koi fish and is lovely.

Later ToddlarJi and I went to bed and all was normal. We both slept very well until around 4:30 am when ToddlarJi decided she wanted some early morning milk.

The first thing I noticed was that Li was not home!

I have been through this before and it makes me panic every time. I hate it when he doesn’t call!!!! He usually gets home around 3 or 3:30. Latly he has wanted to wring the one guys neck that he has to car pool with cause the guy is slower than malasses when working. He has been getting home around 4 some night and not happy about it.

I called his cell to check in and the phone was dead – no power.

By 5 I was starting to get really worried and even though I knew his phone was dead I still called it about 3 more times.

By 5:15 every bad scenario had gone through my brain. The drive from work is for over an hour on the highway, it rained yesterday, the driver of the car is a putz (to put it mildly) and they are driving at 3ish in the morning when tired: not the sort of situation that makes me relaxed.

I called the bar, just to check, but they were closed. The only other place he could possibly be was with Xie, cause he works nights as well: only problem is I don’t have his number. There was no way I could even consider relaxing and trying to get in another hour and a half of sleep until I knew where my husband was.

So I do the only other thing I can think of, I text his friend Foo. I figured calling would be rude: he can ignore a text if he is sleeping. Thing is, I also know he has to head to work quite early in the morning and it was now 5:30 so I decided I had a pretty good chance of getting him. He texted back but he has no idea what Xie’s number is.

Just as I was writing another text Li walks in.

A- Where the hell have you been!! I have been going out of my mind! Even Ji won’t sleep.

L- The police stopped us.

A- oooohhhhhh??

L- The police stopped everyone on the entire freeway last night and they were searching all the cars - inside and out.

A- OH?

L- Because I am a foreigner I was questioned for over 30 minutes!!! They took my foreigners card and asked me a million questions!!

A- What is going on?

L- From what I heard on their radios, someone died or something like that and they are searching for someone. I heard the word foreigner a million times but who knows.

A- Good grief!! Why the hell didn’t you call???

L- Phone has no power!

A- Your work guy has a cell, call the house!!

L- ohh yaaa…… But I wouldn’t want to wake you.

A- I have told you once; I have told you a thousand times!!!! CALL!!! I don’t give a crap if you call me at 3 in the morning to tell me you will be home late or what ever. I would rather that than me waking up at 5 and having a total bloody PANIC ATTACK!!!!

I checked the news but there in nothing on the Internet papers yet; maybe on the lunch newsbreak.


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