Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A stupid moment

I have added a new person to my blog roll.

Dongurigal is a lady I met in this foreign wives forum that I am a part of. She is a Canadian who went with her hubby to Kuwait but is now residing in France. She has only had her blog going for a month now and has done an excellent start.


So I have been trying to write this post for a while but it has taken me a few days to finally get around to it.

  1. Soprano’s hehehe

  2. Work

  3. Totally embarrassed.


On Saturday Li went to work in the afternoon as usual. Everything was normal and blaa. It was a cold day so Ji and I did very little. We played a but and I blog surfed some more, but basically we just stayed inside and tried to stay warm.
We had our bath and went to bed. I went to bed a little earlier than normal as I was mentally quite exhausted with all my brain churning due to the Embassy letter arriving.

Fast forward a few hours….

It is 5:30 AM and the phone rings.
It is mom.
Six years in Japan and she still hasn’t been able to figure out the time difference.

No problems, all is ok. Her room mate is just a little slow and mom got the message that I had called her a day late.

I slid out of bed and basically stumbled to the phone in the living room. Our portable is hooked up in the bedroom but Ji stuck a banana in the charger holder and I have not been able to get it clean enough to charge the phone properly yet.

I grabbed my cell phone off the bedside table and walked to the phone. I think that I thought my cell was ringing. I know that I thought the alarm clock had gone off.

I was still asleep.
I answered the phone with a big fat tongue and slurred speech.

Mom started gushing about how happy she was that things have finally come to a close with the embassy garbage and I suddenly clicked in as to what time it was. I started looking around the living room and noticing that it was very empty.
Where is my husband?
Mom is still talking but I am on the cell phone trying to get a hold of Li.
No answer.
I am now officially worried.

He is usually home around 2:30 and plays on the computer for a while before crawling into bed. His job is a little over an hour away so my brain of course starts churning out all of the worst scenarios that you can imagine.
When it comes to my family and possible accidents, my brain is WAY over active.

I tell mom that I am starting to have heart palpations because my husband is not answering the phone and I hang up on her.
Just then Ji made a small sound in her sleep (she talks in her sleep) so I quickly went in to check on her, but stopped dead when I got to the bedroom door.

There, curled up, sound asleep, in his usual position directly beside mine, was my husband.
I never even noticed.
I am a moron.
It was then and only then, that I suddenly remembered being woken up by Ji at 1 in the morning. She ate but then refused to go to sleep again. She sat there smacking me in the face to keep me awake and babbled non-stop. To my joy she said ‘papa’ twice. I had to really giggle the one time because she clearly said:
-Papa wa?
Her first question and her first article! YA!!
Li got home at 2 in the morning and Ji bounced up to him. He took her and I passed out until the phone rang.

I felt pretty stupid let me tell ya.

Today's blessing:
Well I am still pretty miffed about the election outcome but....

- Dinner was cooking when I came home.
- Li got his special immigration photos done without too much hassel, so the passpot can be sent out tomorrow.

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