Friday, April 07, 2006

20 more sleeps....

I took a day off today because Dad and Myrna were arriving.
They had had a wonderful time in Kyoto and got here around 2:30ish.

Our airplane tickets arrived for our trip to Shanghai. We plan on staying there for three weeks before heading out to Canada.

TWENTY MORE SLEEPS till we leave Japan.

I haven’t decided how excited I am yet.

ToddlerJi spent the day in daycare because I had to clean the floor and the do some refrigerator cleaning. I had blueberry juice EVERYWHERE!

Dad went with me to pick her up and the poor girl didn’t know what was going on. Dad carried her the whole way home (walking) but Ji never spoke a word. She kept giving him this look out of the corner of her eye:

-who the heck are you?

Last time she saw him she was six days old: don’t think her memory is that good.

She was a little wary of Myrna too.

We didn’t push her and decided to let her make her own moves. She started to warm up by the end of the evening.

We went to the Italian Restaurant for some excellent pasta and herb salad, yuuummmyyy, and listened to two men playing a steel guitar and saxophone. Not amazing musicians but they definitely created a lovely atmosphere.

ToddlerJi was excellent and we had a great night, except for the cream sauce that came back to bit me in the ass an hour later (still in). Milk allergies suck!

Everyone is now in bed except for me.

Tomorrow, if the weather agrees, we are going to head out to the Kanaya Tea Festival. Should be great!!

And on Sunday we are going to a goodbye picnic party being held for me. There should still be some cherry blossoms left at the park.

I’ll have pictures of course. hehehe

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