Sunday, March 26, 2006

My private Jazz band

I tried to write this yesterday but I suddenly got really tired. I went to bed at nine last night!!!
Wonderful sleep.

Where to begin…?

On Friday night ToddlarJi and I went out to meet our friend Dan. He is on a plane today heading back to Ireland after four years in Japan. I am going to miss him terribly. I have always really loved Dan. There is a picture on the sidebar on my FlickR pics right now.

I have loved my time here in Japan but the one big down side is saying goodbye to so many amazing new, and quickly close, friends over the years: Janet, Kiwi Kelly, Aussie Kelli, Mark, Sasha, Abby and now Dan. It just sucks.

Soon I have to say goodbye to those I am leaving behind and it is going to suck even more.

On Saturday ToddlarJi and I did a million little things: I did quite a bit of packing.
In the evening we went out for dinner with Kim and Foo.

This turned out to be an excellent dinner!

We went to a restaurant called ‘Public’. It is an Italian restaurant that serves excellent pizza. The owner/chef built the log cabin style house that the restaurant is in, as well as the amazing REAL pizza oven. This place is also one of the best places to go to in the winter. There is a real fireplace and it is soooooo cozy and feels just like you are sitting at home.

Well we headed out there and first of all, ToddlarJi was an amazing girl: no temper tantrums, nothing. A lot of that has to do with Foo being her Uncle Foo. He loves her and has to be holding her all the time. He ate his dinner in record speed and whisked Ji away to go walking around the restaurant talking to all the people. He hadn’t seen her for a few months so he had tons to talk to her about.

The food is amazing. I had salmon that was superb, Foo had chicken that was grilled on an actual lava rock, and Kim had pasta that is made all cheesy by stirring the pasta inside this gigantic wheel of cheese. We all shared herb salad. Yummy!! This guy has this giant garden right beside the house and whenever something needs to be cooked they go running outside and pick all the herbs fresh from the garden. It is soooo tasty. He also has a huge collection of herb teas, all made from stuff that they have grown.

But the biggest surprise of the whole night was the waiter coming up and ‘apologizing’ for (only in Japan would they apologize for this) a live Jazz band that was about to play. To put it mildly Kim and I were THRILLED!!!!

After we ate dinner we moved down to the first floor to eat our heavenly dessert, siiiggghhh, and drink our herb teas that were sweetened with natural sugar leaves and honey, AND to listen to an EXCELLENT Jazz band.
It was a full band: drums, upright base, piano, and sax. The lady playing the piano was kick ass cool.

There were only a few people in the restaurant so it was like having your own private band. And it was wonderful watching these people so obviously enjoying themselves. I couldn’t help but look at them and wonder, which one was a salary man, who was a boss or a manager? Which of you lives and breathes for their company and who is stuck in a dead end job? You could almost see the stress leaving their faces as they played. It made the music that much more great.

We had a lovely evening.

OHH YAA!! And we saw a shark at the supermarket yesterday. There is a picture in the FlickR pics as well. A little shocking I must say.

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