Thursday, March 23, 2006

Packing THE DOLL headaches

Does anyone remember my Boy’s Day Doll?
This doll was the find of the century: not including my husband of course.

Fifteen dollars is all I paid for him and it included the glass case and delivery.
I love my doll.

He created one major problem in my life though: how to pack him?

I have been churning over ideas in my head for months on what to do, finally yesterday I called Li from work and asked him to pull out my little general and put it on the table for me. I also asked him to go through his sweaters and set aside all that he was sure he was not going to use till next winter. I needed the sweaters for packing.

So last night I got home and after dinner and a bath with ToddlarJi I attacked the doll. To my annoyance the bottom was not screwed in. If the feet had been screwed to the floor things would have been much easier but it was stuck on their pretty good.

I decided to surround the doll in a cardboard box and then stuff all the sweaters and longjohns between the glass and the box. I then taped the door shut.I really hope the tape does not hurt the lacquer.

After that I surrounded it in bubble wrap.

Then I took this quilt and tied it all around the box.

The glass case went from being a tiny box to a HUGE bundle!! When Li got home last night I showed it too him and he was all, hmmm:

-Lets talk to the shipping guy when he comes next week. Maybe they have something we can use?

I hope so!!!

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