Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have proof......

Yesterday was an absolutely brilliantly beautiful day. The patio door was wide open the whole day and ToddlarJi spent most of the day playing on our VERY SAFE balcony.
She loved it.

After her afternoon nap I told her it was definitely time to go out for a walk, but first mommy has to go pee (shocker).
So I was sitting on the throne with the door open of course and ToddlarJi was playing with the door: she likes to shut all doors, so I said to her:

-Sweetie, lets go out for a walk? Why don’t you go get your shoes so we can go outside?

ToddlarJi stopped playing with the door, looked at me, turned around and went to get her shoes!!! She brought them back to me!!!!

I am sooooo happy about this right now!! It is proof to me that she really does understand English, and not just Japanese, and things are moving along just perfectly in the House of Ji!!!

Oh by the way, I have finally updated the House of Ji picture folder.

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