Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fear on the throne

Yesterday I went to work as usual, but just before 10am the daycare phoned telling me that ToddlarJi was not in the best of forms and could I please come and pick her up.

She was tired when I brought her to daycare in the morning and had complained about life a bit. She seemed fine and had no temperature, so off to daycare she went.

I quickly canceled my classes and ran out of the building. I always have a little heart attack when they phone and tell me she isn’t great.
I get there and am IMMEDIATELY annoyed.

This kid aint sick!!

I bike up and I see her through the window running around, literally, waving some stuffed animal in the air. She sees me and runs up to the window, screaming hello.
Hmmm. Why did they phone?

I go inside and touch her forehead. Ok, I admit it is a little warm to touch but she looks very happy with life in general and the lady told me that they fed her an early lunch and she ate everything no problems.
Grr, this place, though wonderful, has a habit of over reacting. I firmly believe that the slight temperature was due to the fact that ToddlarJi is only a few molars shy of having a complete set of teeth. She has those molars coming in now.

So I bundle her up and bring her home.
Li is still at home cause he had to go to work at 1:30. I gave ToddlarJi some Baby Tylenol and she went off for her afternoon nap with daddy while I headed to the supermarket to do some catch up shopping.

ToddlarJi woke up very happy, and full of life. Li headed off to work and the place was ours.

Now, the toilet in our place is a separate room. It is similar to what we call a Powder Room back in Canada. It is fairly small but of a perfect size. The problem is that it is not a very convenient size or location when you have to go to the bathroom and ToddlarJi is awake.
I have peed with a kid on my knee far more times than I care to count.

Usually I pee, or whatever, with the door wide open and ToddlarJi goes running in and out showing me all the dirty laundry that I have ignored. Blaaa. She loves to empty the laundry basket.

So yesterday I am on the throne with the door open and ToddlarJi is sitting in front of the door sorting dirty clothes, when the front door opens.
Sh*t!! Forgot to lock the door!!

I stopped peeing very quickly. I basically froze.
In Japan it is quite common for the mailman to open the door and scream inside. It is also common for your neighbours to sometimes do this.
Well I am sitting on the throne with my pants down around my ankles and the damn door opens!!

I silently say the only word that I pray is right:


To my huge blatter relief he answered.

-Boss forgot to pick me up. I have a holiday today.

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