Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Come out! Come out! WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!

I have been busy, believe it or not, and have not had time to actually read all my cyber friends blogs for a few days. Well last night I wrapped myself in two blankets (it is sooooo cold!!!) and went through my Bloglines list. WOW!! It was a lot of reading. You have all been up to tons of stuff!! Amazing!!
Granny had a tornado!! What is up with that?

One thing I noticed first was that Dawn got tagged a four things tag and she tagged me back.
I had to do some quick looking but I knew I had done this one before.
I did it in January actually and used it as a very successful delurkers post. It was amazing all the people that have come out of the woodwork.
I also noticed that none of my answers have changed, even the places I would rather be right now: I am STILL COLD!!!

I thought I would use it as a delurkers post again. It has been a few months and I have recently started playing with BlogExplosion and BlogMad. They have very addictive surfing options where you collect credits that bring viewers to you. But the really cool part is checking out all the other blogs. There are some wonderful blogs out there!!

I have had a few great people leaving comments as they zip by in BlogMad or Explosion but IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR (thanks for not clicking next) and are from BlogMad or BlogExpolsion, come out, come out, where ever you are and answer this simple question: (If you aren’t from them you can answer too cause I would love to know who all you are!!)

What four places you have been to on vacation?

It is really amazing how small the world is.

Today's umm? blessing: Well it isnt really a blessing but it is a positive thing.
- ToddlarJi's and my passports came back from Tokyo with our Chinese visitors visas stamped inside.
Everything is falling into place and starting to happen almost on schedule. That IS a blessing.

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