Thursday, February 09, 2006

Li The Enforcer

My husband never ceases to totally shock and amaze me on a regular basis. He can be sweet when I least expect it and a total ass when I expect sweet. He can also turn into a real protective bear when other men are behaving in a very un-gentlemanly manner: even when the woman is not me or Ji.

Li came home from work last night giggling away: even slightly shocked at his own boldness.

The story as told, more or less, by Li.

Three men walked in to the Japanese noodle restaurant that I work at fairly late last night. They were dressed all in want-to-be mafia suits and wearing sunglasses. The one guy had obviously had a few drinks but was not what you would call drunk.

The restaurant was busy but not packed, so the men were able to be seated immediately.

The timid little waitress went up to their table and took their order. Barely thirty seconds after the order was taken the one guy turns and screams out at the waitress:

=OI!!!! Where is my soup!!! I want my soup now! Why is it taking so long!?!

He yelled this fairly loudly and in that tone of voice that speaks, I am god kiss my damn feet.
The timid little waitress just about had a heart attack, bowed, said "Sumimasen’ (sorry) and scurried off as fast as she could.

Li was furious with this guy and decided that he was not to go unpunished.

Li walked over to a corner of the restaurant and beckoned at the moron to come over and talk to him. The guy walked up to him all gloating like and went:


-Do not yell in this restaurant. I am not afraid of you. You do not intimidate me. It is my boss who is afraid of you.

If you yell we loose customers and then I loose my job. I have a wife and a
child and I need my job. If you make me loose my job then you will become my
boss and you will pay my salary.
Please show me your ID.


-So that I can write down your address. If you make me loose my job I must go to your house every day to collect my salary.

The man’s eyes had started to bulge out in horror by this time and he bowed so deep his nose just about touched his knees.

=Sumimasen, sumimasen, sumimasen.

And he started to back away.
Li beckoned for him to come back again and the guy obeyed.

-If you want fast service and excellent service go to an expensive restaurant where you are going to be spending much more than 5 bucks for your meal. Now Go.

The guy went back to his table and ate in silence.
Li’s boss gave him a huge pat on the back and all of his co-workers looked upon him in adoring awe. (Li was now in his own personal heaven.)

When the three men left they all bowed deeply after they paid.

I listened and stared in total shocked awe.


When it rains it pours!!!

Today’s BlessingS: With a capital ‘S’.

- I had almost no classes at work today due to everyone having to prepare their next quarter plans for the big big boss. This was a blessing as I got almost no sleep last night. My brain refused to relax. I used my tons of free time today to mellow out, start my must-do list, post a blog and surf the net. I really needed it mentally.

- I got home from work and in the mail box was JiXiang’s Canadian Citizenship card. My baby FINALLY has a country! She has been countryless for the past year. Now I can get her passport extended.

- Also in the mail box was the result report from Li’s Japanese test: HE PASSED!!!!

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