Monday, January 16, 2006

Sugoi! Milk Tummys

Li’s mom always phones and asks if Ji is talking yet; Li always says no.

- STOP SAYING THAT! She does talk! Your mom keeps thinking she is slow when you say that because you spoke early.
- No she doesn’t, and no Ji doesn’t.
- Yes she does, she talks all the time.
- Well I don’t understand and it is not very clear.

Well I think it is totally clear and can hear it no problem. My theory is that Li is just not trying to listen, therefore he cant. That and as far as he is concerned she cannot speak until she can say ‘papa’.
Either that or I am going totally crazy and hearing things.

Well last night I had my Monday night ladies and due to holidays we haven’t seen each other for about three weeks, which means they haven’t seen Ji for three weeks. To theirs, and my delight, Ji recognized them immediately and did not show any shyness,
AND they confirmed that she CAN speak. They are all elementary school teachers and they think she speaks her few words very clearly.
Humpf! to Li.

What does she say?

  1. Mamumamu, for mom. This makes me very happy.

  2. daijyoubu , Japanese for ‘all is ok’

  3. sugoi and sugei, Japanese for ‘great’ or ‘wonderful’

  4. so, basically Japanese for ‘yes’

  5. koko, done with pointing meaning ‘this’. She doesn’t do this very often.

  6. hontou, meaning ‘reeaallyy?’ She doesn’t do this one very often though.

  7. dada, but Li really wants papa.

She also says the sounds, but not the words for
It is really funny.

Last night during class Ji was showing off all of her little antics to the ladies who love her to bits.
At one point Ji stood up and started rubbing her stomach. She would do these weird arms up and down actions that sort of resembled a little old man rubbing his beer belly. She would rub her milk belly, occasionally her chest and touch her ears every once and a while. She has done this many times before and it is REALLY funny to watch.
All of a sudden Keiko goes.


We were a little confused.
Keiko is pretty sure that what Ji is doing is exercising.
I think she might be right.
At day care they have one giant room to play in, but they go to the park on nice days. On rainy or cold days they are confined inside, so to prevent the kids from turning into sloths, I am pretty sure they do the typical customary school and company exercise programs/dancing thing.

We think Ji is copying.

Knowing that this is probably what she is doing makes watching her rub her tummy that much more hilarious.

I have got to try to get it on video.

Today’s blessings:
- I had left just enough money in the bills bank account to cover the ridiculously HUGE power bill that we got do to the total lack of insulation and the stupid single pane windows.

- I think Ji finally sucked open the painful plugged milk duct in my right tit that has been bothering me for two days now. (This has been a reoccurring problem. Grr)

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