Sunday, December 18, 2005

metal rant

The temperature dropped yesterday and there were ice patches on the road coming to work this morning.
This winter is supposed to be the coldest it has been in years. I shudder when I think of my heating bill.
We have been doing good controlling our power by counting (literally) what we have turned on. I have become a rabid witch when it comes to leaving a door open and follow Li around turning off lights. Heat has a priority over light these days. Even JiXiang is being forced to play in her tatami room with the light coming from the living room. She has not been complaining.

I have also started closing the window shutters.
I HATE closing the shutters.
First you have to open the windows in order to close them, so my precious heat escapes.
Then, they are not built on any roller system, so it is grinding metal against metal. My ears are hurting typing this.
It is the sound that flips me out more than anything.

I live on the second floor of our building; I insisted this because I like to leave the windows open all the time. In the summer the windows are never closed, as I prefer fresh breezes over the aircon. In the spring and fall the windows are open during the day but closed in the evening. In the winter they are never open.

Our neighbours, no scratch that, our entire neighborhood likes to close their shutters ----all ---- year----round.
This means grinding metal sounds all ---- year----- round: as early as five thirty in the morning and as late as eleven thirty at night.

One of the things I love about living in Japan has been chopsticks.
Yes chopsticks.
I hate, despise, go totally livid crazy, at the sound of forks and knives clashing against ceramic; I spine shiver, like nails on a chalkboard, when I think of a fork scraping on teeth.
I am developing a headache just writing about it.
I hate the metal shutters.
Only problem is that they do offer a teeny tiny bit of protection from the cold wind that comes whipping through our single pane windows.

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