Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day Dinner at Kim's

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to our friend Kim’s house way in the countryside boondocks of Hamamatsu. We were supposed to go for our Christmas Day dinner but JiXiang and I caught stomach flu, so we went yesterday instead.
We had a lovely dinner.

We both had late breakfasts so were sufficiently hungry for dinner, and JiXiang had slept well for her afternoon nap so was in a good mood.

She was an excellent girl on the train, even posing with mommy for a few pictures. She was very funny because she sat in her spot on the seat the whole way there (50minutes) just like a big girl. She is so funny.

We then had to change to another tiny train and head into the boondocks where we met Kim and she greeted us with an excellent dinner.
She made these excellent roll things that JiXiang just loved. She also treated us to a pumpkin and sweet potato soup that Ji and I both inhaled. There was even just a tiny bit left to bring home with us and JiXiang just ate it for her lunch. We had some great salads, a soba noodle of course because that is the Japanese tradition, and some chicken. The best was desert! Kim made us some apple crisp cake and I can not recall the last time I had some. GREAT! Also one piece left for me to take home and I just finished eating it while Ji ate her soup.

Kim has one of those exercise balls and JiXiang thought it was pretty neat. We even laid her on it for balancing and it made her all giggly.

Here is the chef at play.

We left late but had a good time. JiXiang slept on the small train and felt way too active when we got to the big train. She unfortunately was asleep when we walked under Hamamatsu’s giant Christmas tree.

On the big train she had a melt down and REFUSED to sit with either of us and demanded walking on a moving train. I finally gave up and let her crawl around. At one point I thought she had put her head down to sleep but really she had placed her ear against the floor and was listening to the train wheel going cluclunk cluclunk under her head. Very funny. Thankfully the train was almost empty and everyone realized that a baby on the floor was ten ZILLION times happier and quieter than a screaming one in her parents’ arms. They actually found her quite amusing. They really found Ji’s hanging upside down and observing the world in a different direction very funny. Ji does this herself and she LOVES doing it. She will actually whip herself back and you have to be VERY careful she does not go shooting out of your arms when she does this.

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