Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005

I had these great big plans for Christmas day:

  • Go to Hamamatsu with Li and Ji and visit Kim.

  • Have dinner with Kim, cooked by Kim.

  • She is a pretty good chef so I was sure it would taste quite good.

  • Head back at a decent time but when in the evening so that the giant Hamamatsu station Christmas/Holiday/Family Tree would be lit and Ji could see it.

On Saturday I did a million and ten things to be ready for Sunday: got my nails fixed, did the banking, mailed the last of my Japanese New Year’s Cards, searching for another lost JiXiang shoe that I STILL can not find (I have no idea where she kicked it off), food shopping at two different places because I had some very specific things on my list (cranberry juice and blueberries which can not be found just anywhere), cleaning cleaning cleaning, and making Li clean his spice cupboards up.
We did it all and with tons of time to spare. I even bought this mind thinking beads and something or other game that Li and I could play. I even beat him. YAAA!!!!

Then things started to go odd.
At 10pm I quite latterly fell asleep for a few minutes with my head on the kitchen table. I had planned on staying up for a bit with Li but it was all I could do to get myself into bed.
I slept like the dead, even JiXiang slept all night and she usually wakes up around one for a quick snack.
She woke up at 6 in the morning and I explained to her how there is one day a year that mommy and daddy are allowed to sleep in. (hahaha)
She relented till about 7:30 when she proceeded to sit on my head with a wet diaper. I decided it was time to get up.
Ji and I went through our usual morning routine, except that I could not get Ji to eat her morning yogurt that she normally demands. Li was still all comatose in bed due to being up till 3am playing his stupid computer game. (ggrrrrrrr)
I even called my mom to say Merry Christmas (she of course was not home, party animal that she is) and then called my granny (who was home, yaaa!)
I felt weird but okish.
By this time Ji had blown out of her diapers once: not normal.
At ten I was yelling for Li to get out of bed and baby watch because I had to do the nasty in the washroom.

I caught what appeared to be a bit of a stomach flu. Ji had a little bit of it as well. Li was totally fine.

I was determined that this was not going to destroy my Christmas: I wasn’t puking so things could be controlled. (ya right)
I had a shower, started to feel worse, changed into my dress slakes and pink sweater, did my hair and my makeup.
By the time this was done I decided I had better phone Kim and find out how much she had cooked, my stomach had turned into doubling over cramps.
We put her cooking on hold to let me eat something and see what happened.
By 12 we had canceled totally with Kim, I curled up on the bed in jogging pants and Ji blew out of another diaper.

I spent Christmas 2005 curled up with stomach cramps.
JiXiang seemed to be handling things totally fine, although she was not eating properly, neither was I.

JiXiang and I had a bath around 7 and Li took her after she was finished. I added a LOT more hot water and had a ten minute snooze in the tub that felt wonderful.

Ji and I both went to bed at 8 and slept the entire night!!!

I had to go to work today and had a ton of things to do: no teaching though, just lots of prep and office work.
I got about 90% done.

I am now on holidays for the next two weeks!!!!

Make sure all emails are to my hotmail, as I have no access o my work address at home. I have idea what we are going to do during my holiday, but I am sure we will think of something.

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