Sunday, October 23, 2005

A little of everything

We went to the Fujieda Industry Show again on Saturday.
We went last year and had fun with Batman.
There was no Batman this year but there was a magician dude. Li and JiXiang enjoyed his silly stuff.

I made a glass ball keychain, well tried to. Not the most beautiful one out there. Hard to believe that my mother is an art teacher and that I have had art classes since I could hold a pencil. hmm.
Had a great time doing it though. It is now attached to my keys.

We didnt go inside. We were hungry and wanted to head to a restaurant.

We had a pretty good day wandering around town and doing basically nothing. The weather was great and JiXiang was a great girl.

I also upgraded JiXiang's picture page and have added

October Pictures.

And I had a tiny brain fart and have FINALLY figured out how to clear cookies on Netscape.
I never said I was smart.

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