Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas is on the way


It is that time of year where Lil'Miss has finished all her sports for the year. Nothing happening until January.

She needs a break. She sprained her ankle just slightly a week or two before Halloween. We went to the corn maze – got hopelessly lost – and the kids went and played on the bouncy pillow thingy. Well you put 15 odd kids on a giant air filled pillow and kids are going to bounce off. She did and her ankle, though not swollen or in need of a doctor, has not felt "right" since. She is going to have a few weeks of no skating, swimming or golf and hopefully she has no twings in that ankle in January.

She enjoyed her golf SNAG class that just finished. She is going to do it again in January. She has a ways to go but she is learning and you can defiantly see her progressing.

The Lil'Man is almost one year old!! Like – OMG where did the time go??????


He is quite a character and oh so so very different from his sister! If my phone cooperates I will try to remember to upload an adorable video of him trying to bounce a basketball. He is definitely going to be a sports boy.

And he is smart. He is talking already – "this", "look", my babysitter swears he said "watch me" today. He says "this" in Chinese. He calls me by name (annoying I would prefer mommy) and we are working on "TA" cause I am sick of him screeching when he wants something. Sigh. We got a "Da" out of him today.


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