Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ohh what to say

Little man is black and blue – literally.

Three times the charm right? I hope so cause that boy has banged himself in the head three times this week now. He has two big ass goose eggs on his forehead and a small cut and black eye on the side. Bloody hell. Family photos on Sunday. Yaa! Make-up stick must come out.

He had a run in with the coffee table twice and the bathtub drain pull thingy the second time. The first two in his attempt to learn how to walk and stand independently. The bath tub was due to his very annoying habit of wanting to stand in the bath tub. He and I usually fight the entire time he is in the bath cause I make him sit when he stands. Well this time he was with his Nainai and she doesn't get after him like me and whamo guess who slipped. Bloody hell!!

Gonna be purple tomorrow.

No I don't beat my kid!!!

Lill'Miss has started spelling tests. She has her first one this week. Only 6 words but to my happiness she is taking it seriously. I am the worst speller ever. The person who created spell check is on God level in my book. I am hoping she does not follow in my footsteps.


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