Saturday, October 08, 2011


At 6:30 this morning!!!!

We have a house alarm. We got it a few years ago – mostly when hub started working late and I was home alone with the Lill' Miss.

Well last night the alarm started arming itself when there was no one around and these yellow bad symbols were on. I phoned the company last night and the stupid lady who answered the phone goes – well the tech department is closed can you phone back in the morning?


Ok – it had stopped doing what it was doing and everything was fine except for these yellow symbol things.

At 6:30 this morning the alarm goes off!! REALLY LOUDLY!!

Kids wake up! I run downstairs in my underwear (not a pretty sight) and turn it off. The phone never rang. It is supposed to after an alarm goes off and it didn't. Then the alarm goes off AGAIN!!! Now I am in a furious mood. I throw a diaper less baby at hubby and run downstairs to get the alarm. Now I am raging.

I phone the alarm company and while I am talking to the tech the dame alarm goes off and the phone cuts out as the alarm takes over the phone.

This happens TWICE!! In that time I am told that the police have been dispatched. NO!!! CANCEL!!! I AM NOT PAYING FOR THAT!!!!

Bad words are flying and I am still in my underwear.

I finally had enough time before the alarm went off again to get a bath robe on. This time I was using my cell phone to call them so I was not disconnected.

Then the monitoring section phones on my hard line asking for code words so they don't send the cops again because the panic button has been pushed.

Panic button?!?!?!? Who pushed the panic button? Whaaaaaa???

The guy asks me where my fobs are.

They are right…………… um where the hell is my FOB!!!

It is always attached to my key chain and it was not there. Hub and I go on a mad hunt for the fob. Ripping drawers and pockets apart. My keys are never played with by the kids and always put in the same spot. The fob had to be within distance of the house to cause this headache.

Finally after the damn alarm goes off two more times – my neighbours must surely hate me by now – the tec says he is going to disconnect and shut down the fobs till we find them.

Good plan.

Alarm no longer going off, yellow symbols gone. Peace once again.

The in-laws come up stairs and hub explains to them what is going on and shows them his fob. My mother-in=law immediately goes "OH. It is outside. I thought it was a kids toy. I picked it up and then threw it back on the ground last night when I saw it."


Yup it was outside. Crushed, split open and totally dead. Sigh.

And the entire family is awake much earlier than normal on a Saturday morning.

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