Sunday, February 07, 2010

An torch weekend

Well the Olympic torch stopped in my wee little town this afternoon and we spent the whole weekend celebrating it.

I can't complain about too much really –we did have a good weekend.

On Saturday we went to Science World here in our little town. Because of the Olympics the real Science World in Vancouver is closed for a couple of weeks so they are traveling around to us little towns that are still in the valley but just too far away to justify heading out to Vancouver for a day trip. They set up this whole Science World thing in conjunction with the University of the Fraser Valley, local gardening places, BC Hydro and the two Fish Hatcheries here. It was quite interesting actually. I think Lill'Miss was a tiny bit young to really enjoy and get the full grasp of it but making a double helix DNA string out of liquorice and marshmallows was pretty cool.

And having her hair stand on end was pretty awesome!!


Dont know about her but I enjoyed it.

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Then we walked home and I caught a bit of Lill'Miss being her normal self on the sly. Hehe

Oh to explain the end of video one that leads into video two – she went skiing again on Thursday with Grandpa J and this time her teacher brought her up to the top of the mountain in the Yellow chair!!! Like OMG!!! And she skied all the way down. Wahooo!!!!!!

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Then today the area around us turned into a full on ZOO!! The torch was being lite basically across the road and our little town showed up in full force to welcome it.

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Lill'Miss and I had our picture taken with the torch but we can't down load it for about two days. Still way cool.

We saw the torch being lite, got our flags and me being the sap that I am cried when they sang the Canadian anthem because I ALWAYS CRY WHEN IT IS SUNG!!! Sigh.

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Then because next week is Valentine's Day but hubby has to work, and it is also Chinese New Year on Valentine's Day, we went shopping and bought crab.

I completely forgot that we had tickets to a drums concert tonight , thank GOD mom phoned and asked us to save them a seat, exactly 34 minutes before the concert started and at the exact moment that we had sat down to eat our crab. I have never eaten whole, in the shell crab, so fast in my entire life! But we did it AND got to the concert just seconds before the music started.

It was a raise money concert to send the Sardis Drumline Band to Whistler to perform. They won some competition to play at a couple of venues at the Olympics. Though playing is free the hotels, meals and bussing weren't. And to top it off they are so much fun to watch they have gone from 5 venues to 15 venues that they have been asked to play at.

Our wonderful little town has raised 34 thousand dollars in 32 days for these kids. That is pretty cool.

Here is some You tube of them – it does not do them justice – it was a great concert and they really are pretty darn good. And the bagpipe player is pecking TALL and very very good.

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