Monday, February 15, 2010

let down blaaaa

I feel a little let down - deflated - pretty blaa actually.
I was so excited about today and then pop! nothing happened the way it was going to.

Lill'Miss and I spent all weekend clearing out the basement bedroom and my office (because daddy was working at a restaurant all weekend for Valentine's Day and the place was crazy busy) to get it all ready for the carpet that was to be installed today.

Our TV room is filled to the brim with extra furniture, filing cabinets and loose ends.
I spent much of yesterday catching up on some major filing of crap that was strewn all over my filing cabinets and created tins of free space for myself.
I felt great about it.

I woke up early so that I could talk to the carpet guys about a couple of areas that we wanted installed a certain way. I called them to confirm when they would be showing up today and bang.
They called back a few minutes after they should have arrived saying - Huston we have a problem!
I cant give them fault. I am glad they did this - it just sucks really.
They rolled out the carpet to just do a last minute looky loo before loading it in the van and discovered a major flaw right down the center of the carpet. CRAP OLLA!!!
He said there was no way to hide it and they would have to just replace it after we saw it installed anyway.
Sob waaaa.
We now have to wait another THREE weeks before the new carpet will be here.
I refuse to move all those filing cabinets again so they are going to sit in the TV doom dammit!!

On a very excellent note - Lill'Miss upgraded her self with no push from anyone into the next level of skating. She initiated it and everything!!! She skated in that class yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! She can actually make snow with her blades when practicing stopping.
I think that is pretty cool!.

And on another note - the horse website that I created and play with far too much won a "Complete Makeover" competition but the result is that I am not allowed to log in and play with it like I love to do!! AUGH.
I am going through withdrawals so I will probably be posting on here more often - not like I dont have a million other things to do. I just want to OK!!!

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