Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plugging right along

Dad got the closets done in the basement room.

I think they look amazing!!!! Hub and I are both VERY happy with them.

Thanks again Dad!!!

Got the mudding done – hate that job!! – and the primmer is complete.

We headed to Rona (shocker we are always there – LOL ) and spent 97 bucks on paint, rollers and a small donation to Rona's Haiti fund they have in conjunction with Red Cross. Sad but I cant afford to give more than that. I can probably come up with clothing that Lill'Miss has grown out off that I can drop off somewhere. Hmm Have to look into that.

I picked up the sheet of info on the home reno tax. I have been keeping track of every penny we spent and was a little depressed to discover that our fancy new freezer is not exempt. Sigh. Oh well I will not complain – we love that freezer big time!!

I spent tons on the organization of that freezer. Hehehe. I have a basket container fetish I will admit. Lol. I wonder if I could write those containers off as part of the basement reno. Hmmm Will have to look into that. Hehee. Ya I am sure I cant.

So yesterday Lill'Miss and I headed out to Staples to grab some paper and a calendar for her bedroom. Well that turned into an interesting parenting moment!

Staples had a display of those dang Olympic mascot stuffies up. WELL AUGH! She desperately wanted Miga.

She said PLEASE mommy PLEASE.

I said no, it is too expensive ($20 for a little one!) and your birthday is coming up so maybe you can ask grandma or grandpa for it but I am not going to get it for you right now.


You would have thought the world was about to come to an end because of this stupid bearish looking thing. I continued to go ahead and pay for what we went there for while she had a full blown 4 year old melt down. The teller looked to be about 17 years old and I think I definitely put a halt to her biological clock for a while as she witnessed Lill' Devil Miss's temper tantrum. I just kept saying, No ask grandma or grandpa nicely. She kept yelling back at me STOP SAYING THAT I want it now.

Too bad kid!!


After strapping her into her car seat and her kicking the crap out of the back of my seat for a few seconds she went into silent mode.

She has started to figure out when she has lost and just gives up.


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