Sunday, December 20, 2009

HO HO HO Getting Ready for Christmas!

Sorry – haven't posted for some time. Little pre-occupied with other stuff.

Work, Lill'Miss has had her swimming lessons and school and being quite the busy body.

Finished wrapping Christmas presents last night. Hope people are not expecting a lot as we kept things to a minimum this year.

Hubby has been working 6 days a week this month and that has put a bit of a toll on us. Sigh.

We did get all the drywall done in the basement bedroom and painted it. I picked up the edging strips needed to put up the drop ceiling today and hopefully hubby and I can find some time to attack that tomorrow night.

Let's see.............. not too much else to report. Things have been pretty usual around here.

Hubby did decide that he is now mentally ready to have a second kid. No I am not pregnant yet! But he is pretty committed to the idea cause he phoned his mom and told her.

I had to laugh at that. "Cant say no now buddy!!!" HAAHHAHAHAHA.

Lill'Miss spent the night at her grandma's on Friday night so I headed out to go and pick up hubby and we decided to go to the pub with the group for a drink (of water cause I am the driver) and hang out.

Well the result was me realizing why it is I don't go out anymore and taking two days to recover from a late night and I didn't even consume any alcohol.

Hubby asked me, while we were standing in the bar looking at all the freaky people, "still feel young?"

"Yes. But this just does not look like fun anymore. I cant even remember what was fun about it anymore."

And so I am off to the library tomorrow to stock up on new books – now that sounds like fun!

Hubby's work schedule over Christmas just sucks, and that has put a bit of a damper on things. Mine is not too bad so I can attach some personal office work that I have been greatly ignoring. LOL.

The Christmas tree is up and all the little decoration things are out and make the house look so cheery. I love it!!

Hopefully the weather remains mild past Christmas so that we can actually make it to our family dinners this year. Last year we all decided that staying alive was more important than going to a big dinner due to the terrible snow we had.

In case I don't post anything before Christmas I hope all of you have brilliant holiday, a safe Christmas and that Santa is good to you all.

Hugs all around.

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