Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Lill'Miss was Snow White this year. She looked so cute.

She got to wear her costume to school on Friday – which she thought was WAY cool.

Then yesterday while she was out playing with Grandma and Grandpa J I decorated the front porch with spiders and the pumpkins Lill'Miss and I had carved the other day. Lill'Miss actually carved the one. She cut it and everything.

Where I grew up it was country – there were no trick-or-treaters out our way. We drove to town to go trick-or-treating. So we never decorated.

Well we live in a townhouse complex and all the country kids drove out to our place now. I am making up for lost years by decorating and always having candy for the kids. I enjoy it a lot!!!

I think my mother is enjoying it as well.

The last couple of years she comes over and looks after handing out the candy while I take Lill'Miss around. Well this year mom decided to have a bit of fun.


She came with this long black blanket and hid behind the end of the porch and was wearing black gloves. We turned all the lights off in the house but the pumpkins were all out and lit. Then we left the front door cracked open a little bit. Mom had bought this Spooky Halloween Recipe book the other day and it had a spooky sounds CD inside. Well the sounds freaked out Lill'Miss but they made my mom and I wring our hands with glee.

We turned that CD on set to repeat and had the sound cranked.

Unsuspecting kids walked up the stairs and would knock on the door – then my mom would sneak out her black hands from behind them and scare the crap out of them. Then give them some candy.

Mom did that for over an hour and she had fun.

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