Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wahoo – finally!!!!!!!

I finally have internet on my computer in the basement!! Yaa!!

No more fighting with hubby over the computer.

No more dealing with 90%of the computer being in Chinese. AUGH!


I am now waiting for like – forever – for Norton Antivirus to download so I have that peace of mind.


Lets see – update

So far we are all healthy – knock on wood – I felt crappy this morning with quite a headache but I popped some Motrin and went to Booster Juice for a fruity drink and a shot of Matcha and I felt TONS better after lunch.

Hubby driving update – ugh – not good – he has failed 4 times now and the last two times he has failed for very crappy questionable reasons – eg: stopped too quickly at a yellow light.

UMMM you will fail him if he goes through the light!!!! AUGH.

Needless to say he is pretty pissy about it but we will keep trying. Sigh.

Lill' Miss is in the Strong Start program and she absolutely loves going to school. We are having her treat it really like school and she has to get her butt out of bed and go even if she is tired. She is learning some discipline that way. So many of the parents just show up when ever. I don't really like that. I know that not everyone can make it – it is extremely difficult to be there the whole time but we have made a commitment to it and we have found a way to work around it. We have noticed a difference in how she is socializing already. Even her teacher pointed it out the other day. It has been a very good experience for her.

We are plugging right along with our basement. We finished the drywall on the walls in the bedroom and I spent a long time very very carefully sanding and resnading and fine tune mudding and it looks pretty good. It is all primed. We need to get the drop ceiling done before we can build the closets that we have in mind. Then we can paint etc. We picked the wall paper we are going to use as a feature wall above the head board. It is very pretty. We have an idea for the paint but not totally set on it yet. Now we just need some money. Lol

Christmas is coming – augh!! Not ready at all for it. Haven't figured that out yet. I am going to try to blog more often now that I have internet on this computer.

Too fun!! I am going to enjoy this!!!

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