Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am still here - sort of.

It’s me.
I am alive!

I know April last post now September – pathetic I know.
Who knows how long it will take me to actually post what I write on this page?

What have we doing doing? Well what haven’t we been doing would be a little more like it!!?

Let’s see…..

May and June – planting tons of plants. My garden flourished and our back porch looks very pretty.
We were working slowly away on the basement and last month we got my office area finished.

In August Hub and the Little Miss went to China for two weeks to visit the grandparents out there. They had an absolute blast. Little Miss was spoiled rotten and went to all sorts of fun places. She also came back from China speaking full sentences and long conversations in Chinese. It is just amazing to listen to.

She will turn to me and speak English and then turn to her daddy and start a whole conversation in Chinese. She also likes to translate for me. Quite wild.

While they were in China I took off to LA for 3 days to visit my wonderful friend Janet. Janet and I met in Japan and I just love her to bits. I went to LA with no plans what so ever – I just wanted to be there and hang out with my friend. We had a blast!!!
I even got to see Penny!! Haven't seen her in YEARS!!
And due to the extreme heat wave in BC at that time LA was actually cooler than Canada!!! What is up with that?!?!?!?!

I guess the biggest bit of news is that I didn’t bother waiting to be laid off work – I quit.
They were kind enough to actually lay me off.
The drive – 45 plus minutes there and then back every day was really starting to get to me. I was really dreading that drive every morning. I was getting home so late I was not picking up Little Miss from day care until 6pm. Supper didn’t happen until 7 and forget trying to do anything.

I started my own little secretarial type booking keeping business. I do mostly secretarial type of work for three clients and I am loving it.
Basically all of my work is in Abbotsford but that is a very short drive away.
I am usually finished by 3pm every day – sometimes earlier –and I have plenty of time to actually go home and start supper and do laundry and clean the house BEFORE I pick up my kid.
I can bring her to swimming lessons at 4:30 twice a week now rather than try to fit it in on a Saturday.
The money is less but the trade-offs are worth it right now. There is enough to pay the bills and that is all that matters at this moment in time.

So ya Little Miss is in swimming again – which means some exercise for me and omg I am in desperate need – she starts karate next week and skating begins again in a week. I am going to look into some sort of music something for her next year as well.
She is growing up into a little miss let me tell ya – she can be a snot sometimes.
Ahh the f^^&*^&g fours!! I tell ya. Four going on 14!! AUGH!!

And the really big news!!
Hubby’s boss bought him a car – an automatic – thank god – so he started learning how to drive finally (my car is a standard - we tried and we are not going down that road again for a good long while) and he goes for his drivers test in two weeks.
He did it once already but failed due to not enough shoulder checking.
He is doing much better now and I really think he will pass.

Today he drove to Langley and we went to this competition BBQ thing – not as exciting as I had hoped – and then drove around until I could find this Korean Supermarket I spotted once.
Love it!!
Going to be going there more often.
Ten million times easier to drive to Langley to an Asian shop then all the way out to Richmond!!

I guess I should take some photos and post them as well.
I will work on that – promise – I do – really!!!

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