Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday

It has been a very long time since I did a proper post.

I could not have chosen a better day to finally post again – it is my blogs birthday today.

Six Years Old!!


I have been slack lately. I will make excuses to being busy, occupied elsewhere, enjoying my long hot baths too much, and recently the fan going on the computer. Actually it is gone right now and sounds terrible. The sides are off of it to prevent overheating. It goes to the doctor on Thursday.

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Lets see where to begin.

Most of our life has been centered on Miss Ji's activities, house renos and Island 22 Horse Park clean up.

Miss Ji continued with her skating classes and became a star. She got really very good and very confident. She was starting to actually look like she was skating rather than walking on the ice. She was very proud of herself. She earned two badges from her skating teachers.

She decided – she told us very loud and clearly – that she was ready to start karate again. So the dojo was offering a pre-school class starting last week. I took the morning off to bring her and she was excellent. She even wore her uniform with pride!! I would so proud of her.

Today she went again – her Grandpa J brought her and she was just excellent again. She really likes it.

Then Grandpa J and Grandma J brought her golfing. Yes my four year old has now officially started golfing. They bought her a set of golf clubs, not the plastic kind, real metal golf clubs with little golf socks covering them and a real carrier. They went to the driving range and then did some putting today. She was really great they said. She was standing properly and trying hard.

She starts swimming lessons in a couple of weeks too.

Busy girl!

The swimming is more for me. When she has swimming lessons that is 30 minutes that I can actually swim by myself and do some exercise. My body is sorely lacking and in dire need. I even went so far as to buy a bathing suit from Victoria Secret. Eeek.

A full piece by the way! No skimpy stuff for this gut!

Then there is the house.


Lots going on there.

We currently have many projects on the go.

We are working on putting trim and painting a new shelf for above our new side table.

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Hubby has planned four shelves on our kitchen wall. Working on the trim and paint for that. I have discovered I SUCK at mitring. Just Suck.

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I have started painting my pantry doors with magnetic paint so I have somewhere to stick things. I had bought this cheap huge canvas print from Home Sense to use as a push pin board. I even glued the cork to the back but hubby saw the painting and really liked it so now it is hanging on the kitchen wall never to be used as a push pin board. I wont tell hubby that I pushed in a couple pins near the top as a test. Lalalalala.

Work in the basement has been slow - one pay cheque at a time. We have finally got all the doors we need and I am almost finished the insulation. Now we need the drywall.

I have been trying to revive many of my plants that did not make it through this cold winter. I have a big jug of mould killer for my poor camellia plant that got attacked by black mould. I have a good hour of cleaning there.

I don't think my huge lovely rosemary is going to make it. I am going to give it a fighting chance though. All of my sage died and I am now seeding a bunch to start over again. My garden looks a little bare at the moment.

Work has been crazy busy due to lay offs and all the work heading my way. I think my job is still safe for now. I am being watchful though.

Hubby's job is doing great. Even through these supposedly hard times the restaurant where he works is packed. He has been guaranteed a job for five years as they just bought him a car (we pay all the other bills though) so that he can learn how to drive better and then have that freedom when he does get his license.

Ok gotta go – Miss Ji needs a shower. I just downloaded a whole bunch of photos so I will come back and post them into this post for you.

I pass this billboard every day on my way home - makes me chuckle every time.

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