Thursday, February 26, 2009

yucky white stuff

My bulbs have been pushing through and my crocuses were showing some colour. I was considering removing my snow tires in a week or two
And not a little oh no - a blasted blizzard!!!
Ji had a great time with it though.
I have a photo to post later of a snow man she and grandpa made yesterday.

Hubby didnt come home last night. To get home both of us have to drive the hellish Sumas Flats. It is a terrifying section of the high way prone to tons of ice and white out conditions. I left work a couple of hours early and went though it in the daylight so it was okish. I have driven it when it was worse.
What normally take 45odd minutes to get home took an hour and a half just to our carpooling spot.
My back was sore last night from the tension. I do love my car.
I didnt want hub coming home through that in the dark. NO WAY.
He and his boss camped out at the bosses cousins last night. No probs.
So I didnt leave for work till after 9 this morning as I had to get Ji to daycare and everything.
Slid right through a stop sign on the way to daycare. About 4 inches (no exaggeration) of ice all over the roads. The little angels on my shoulders asked the guy stopped at the other sign to wait for me to do my side ways slide through. We waved at each other as my car slipped on bye.
Then I slide through another sign onto a busy road after dropping of my kid. That one had me paniced.
But the angels again made sure the road was clear for me.
I am thanking all my good luck buddies today.

It was a long very slow drive into work later this morning. We had no quames about driving 50 on the freeway. Hell even slower sometimes.
In between Chilliwack and 200th street exit (a good long distance) we counted 46 I repeat 46 cars in the ditch.
Plainly nuts!!

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