Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally a post – gotta catch up

First my dearest daughter just got the bathroom floor soaking wet.


Life has been interesting. We started working on the basement's last room. We have two windows there now and 90% of the framing is up for a bedroom, office area and storage closet.

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Hub wants to make this bedroom a very Japanese themed room. We will see. We are definitely planning on putting a lighter coloured bamboo floor in. It will look very nice. Keeping with the lighter colours and now with windows you won't realize that you are actually in a basement.
We will move alone slowly as the pay cheques come in. But it is doing well so far.

I bought myself a mannequin off of EBay. First thing I have ever bought from there and I can tell you that I have no plans to ever do it again anytime soon. I did not have a great experience with it. I did get my half mannequin though. I recently found a tall stool to set it on. The Kendo costume that I found at a recycle shop in Japan finally came out of its bag.

I love it!!

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The kendo stick was a present from my dear friend Fumiko when I left Japan.

I found this seat box at the same store I found the stool. It is perfect in Ji's room to stuff some of her out of control toys into. Cleanliness in her bedroom is not a priority for her. Sigh. I do try.

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The quilt she got from her Grandpa and Granny for her birthday. It is covered in dragonflies. I love it.

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She got this jacket from her NaiNai's (Chinese grandma) boss of all people. I am actually a little jealous. It is a very nice coat.

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Hub has been learning how to drive. He has been practicing mostly with my step-dad's massive Dodge Ram 3500. Kid you not!! It is an automatic so he finds it easier to drive then my little Toyota Echo because it is a standard.


He must learn though. He actually drove it quite well the other night. Not too bad with the shifts. The stop and starting in first is a little interesting still. Darling Ji says she doesn't like driving with daddy because he hurts her neck with all his jerkiness in first. Lol. He didn't find it funny.

Soon though.

I am watching darling Ji brush her hair. She has been learning how to brush it properly.

She is growing so fast.

I had a rough week a few weeks ago. I was a witness/person in the wrong place at a freaky time and it unsettled me. I learned a lot about myself and how I react in a pretty freaky incident and I am proud of myself. I was cool as a cucumber but shaking like a leaf. I shook on and off for a week. It still pops into my head every once and a while but I don't shake anymore and I am sleeping ok now. I had a rough week of sleep after it happened. Just could not turn the incident off in my mind.

I am not going to go into it anymore than that. My family and close friends know what happened. It is not something I am going to put up here.

I am going to share a lovely photo that a good friend of ours sent us. It is his wedding photo. Some of you who knew me in Japan might recognize this guy. Hub and I just love him. He is a wonderful person and we are both so incredibly happy that he has found someone special.

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