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Hope Everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Safe New Year

I haven't abandoned my blog completely. Our key board is all gibbled – the shift bar does not work properly – and typing anything is a major hassle.

I could go out and buy a new one but I have been staying very well clear of stores in fear of spending money.


I am typing waiting for my fast growing girl to put her pyjamas on.

    "I am about to come into your bedroom – what am I going to see?"


    "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, you wont be mad cause I put my jamas on."



I guess I should start this post right before I begin to ramble...






Ours wasn't too bad. Slower pace than normal due to an incredibly large amount of SNOW! Augh! Snow which is now melting at a record breaking rate due to the torrential record breaking rain fall we are now having.

Can you say "flooding"?


But I will not complain of rain again. I will bite my tongue when I do – I will take rain over snow any day. I love snow when it is on the ski hills and away from my driving path. I do not like driving it. I should add that my car rocks and is the best damn vehicle on the road – good quality snow tires helps. They definitely earned their money's worth these last 3 weeks.

My aunt was great and baby sat for us New Years Eve so I was able to pick up hub from work and we actually had a few hours out. Haven't had that for a while.


Gift wise I can't say I was spoiled but we got what we asked for – money towards our basement reno. My mother helped pay for the windows that we are putting in and dad basically covered most of the drywall.

The basement bathroom is about 80% finished – 10% left is the drop ceiling and 10% the shower door.

The drop ceiling is specialized – I can't put normal drop ceiling tiles in there as it is a bathroom and the material they are made of will turn to a mush with the first hint of humidity. I have found some vinyl (thank god for spell check) ceiling tiles that are actually sound board tiles. I haven't found the price yet but the area is so small it won't matter much. I don't have a choice. I can't drywall it so I need to go with the better stuff. It is not an immediate necessity right now so we are taking our time with this part of the reno.

The shower door has to be specially made and the quoted price is what we expected but it still hurts. Therefore it can also wait as we are not in immediate need of the shower at the moment.

That and the shower space is jam packed full of crap from the third room in the basement which we are working on completing now.


Due to being snow bound over much of the holidays I got TONS of sorting, shuffling and over all organizing done with the stuff we had dumped in that third room. Hun and I have hung shelves in the area where we have a closet all penciled out and it all works WONDERFULLY! I am getting excited.

The beauty with this room is that is completely unfinished and still concrete walls. We need to frame it all in but this means we can also insulate it the way we want. We can add walls where we want, add electrical were we want and make it totally the way we want. We have changed the design many times but in the end we have decided on a decent size guest room, an office area and a closet/ storage room that extends under the stairs. We can even fit in an upright freezer in this area as well as the Christmas tree. Wahoo! We have talked to the electrician and it all will work. We have found the bamboo flooring that we want, know what subfloor we need and know how to do the ceiling. We haven't picked colours though.

Mind you we haven't bough anything yet, just done the foot work. But we know the costs that we are going to be hit with so we are preparing. I hope to have the carpenter out here early next month at the latest.


Then there is my dear daughter who is growing like a weed. Can you believe that she is turning FOUR at the end of this month. OMG!

All she wants for her birthday is a birthday party. She has been asking for one for months. So that is what she is getting. No present from us cause after the cost of this damn party there is no money left for a present.

She is so excited. The invitations are starting to go out. Not too many kids cause she doesn't actually know that many but I think 5 kids is more than enough. We are going to have it at a jungle gym place. In this weather there is no way we are doing it at the house.

For Christmas hub and I got her one month of Karate lessons and a uniform. After one month we will talk with the sensei and see if he feels she can continue it if she needs to wait a few more months before continuing. We have know this sensei for a very long time and hub really respects him - this is important. He is comfortable with us and us with him. A good combination. She will start next week. We brought her to watch a bit the other day and she was very shy with sensei but watched wide eyed. Then in the car she could not stop talking about it and how she was going to show her sensei how good she is.

Might work out.

Then for an early birthday present her grandma bought her skating lessons. My daughter is blessed with active older cousins who have passed down some wonderful stuff to her including many pairs of skates. She even got another pair of figure skates from the neighbour girl (which reminds me that she has to do her thank you cards still.) She has gone skating a couple of times with her grandma and Her-Johnny but today due to timing her grandfather brought her to skating class. She was brilliant. I am excited for her. I never learned how to skate and this is awesome. As long as she learns enough of the basics so that she can enjoy herself it is perfect.

So ya life has been busy, a little tiring at times but overall, minus a marital spat or two (or three), it has been pretty good.

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