Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Post From Word 2007

Lets see how this works. Could be fun.


Basement bathroom is basically done. I need to take some photos.

The toilet is attached and working , the shower has water and all the taps are connected. I don't have a shower door yet – calling the glass people next week – but we do have our mirror doors on the heater closet. Looks amazing!


Work is stressful right now. I work for a construction company and the economy sucks, lay-offs are happening and everyone's stress level has gone up. I am basically in a slightly depressed slump as I try to decide my next move and think about possibly searching for a new job. Job hunting is never fun and when the world is crashing all around you sometimes you think that you should suck it up and stick to the one you have now rather then move on. Lots of talks with hubby as we discuss our next moves. We are not hurting at all right now we are just worried, planning and thinking ahead.

It has put me in a bit of a mental slump though. Ji has a bit of a cold and so do I and we haven't gone swimming in almost two weeks. I think I can see one more roll – I know I can feel it. I feel like crap actually and need to find the spark again to get my exercise level up. I have fallen into hibernation mode. I have even started Christmas decorating!


On a very proud note I say with a big smile on my face:




Hmm that is interesting formatting.


Now lets hit publish and see if this works.

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