Sunday, October 05, 2008

mozying right along

I have put a lot of time into the tiling of the shower wall this week. It is coming along really well.
All that is left is the annoying little pieces that need to be cut - although I got a lot done yesterday - and the floor.
Hub and I need to go shopping this coming weekend to buy our mirror doors.

The past - oh lets see now - two month! we have had two corner pieces that belong to the show room kitchen of this company I work for sitting in our living room. Basically taking over.
We could not get them up stairs - rephrase - I could not do my part to help get them upstairs. Way too heavy. So there they sat until we were finally ready and also could not stand having the damn things in the living room anymore.
We begged grandpa to come over and help us move them.
Well that turned into quite the ordeal!
I knew they were big and I was very nervous about them fitting through the door.
Our general plan is to take these beautiful kitchen cabinets and convert them into bathroom cabinets. It is going to look amazing when it is done. I am very excited about it, BUT the corner pieces were a concern.
I thought we would have to remove the door and maybe one section of the frame.
Well I was right about the door but what I didn't know was that our door frames are actually one peice of metal and to remove one piece means you actually need to remove the entire bloody frame!!
We did.
The corner is now in and sitting in the middle of the bathroom and taking over that room instead. And hubby has to spend some time tomorrow on his day off putting the frame back together again hopefulyl without destroying the carpet. Eeek.

Then the second corner peice we had planned to have in this current computer room-supposed-to-be-a-bedroom to create a nice built in. It could not even fit down the hall way.
We decided that since we never spent any money on it and I could not offer it to any of my neighbours (If I cant fit it in my house neither can they as our homes are all basically the same) we desided to chop it up and chuck it.
A waste but the damage already done to the hallway paint job more than makes up for it.

Oh and I got all the Christmas shopping done for all the young people on my list today.
hehehe. Not going to tell you how.

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