Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy Bamboo Batman

Hubby has been wanting a bamboo plant on the back porch for quite some time now.
We checked out the local garden center but bamboo is not really their thing and they only had one variety. There just happens to be a place in this town that specializes only in bamboo and related plants.
And to my surprise they are open on Sundays.
Well yesterday we finally, after over a year of talking about it, went to the bamboo greenhouse.

Umm people, Bamboo is EXPENSIVE!!!
There are also a lot of varieties.

But hubby is happy as he now has his very own bamboo plant, that will of course be tended to by me, on the back porch. The brilliant thing is that it does not need a large container so it is movable.
Hubby chose one with the traditional green leaves but its stalks turn black after a year. I will admit that in a year it is going to look very nice in that there plant.

I might need to find some little clip on panda bears to cute it up a bit.

Or not.


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