Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hehehe I have found my calling

I love to Tile.
Well lets clarify - I love to cut tile using a wet saw.

We bought one a couple of weeks ago to use for tiling our new shower but we hadn't tried it out yet because the weather was so lovely being in the basement was the last place we wanted to be.
Well the weather changed and last night I learned how to cut tile.
I loved it!!
I was as giddy as a school girl. After my first cut I ran upstairs to show hubby.
"Look look look - A perfect straight line!! AUGH!!"

Ohh people it was fun. Had water every where and was quite wet myself but I got all the little annoying pieces cut that were needed to finish the floor.

Next I tackle the shower walls.
Then it is on to the upstairs bathroom where I am now imagining a mosaic on the floor and flowing tile lines on the wall. Oh the possabilities. 

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