Saturday, June 14, 2008

my little fish is now a frog!!!

My little girl LOVES to swim.
We started mom and tots together and the last round of lessons I decided I would cut the cord and let her move on to the first level.
The first level where I have to sit in a chair on the sidelines watching while she is off with her teacher with no life jacket!!!!
Little stressful at first I will admit.

Well this kid grasped that no problem - she can swim under water for real about one meter plus while holding her breath and is off.

Well today was her last class of level one and the teacher let them try flippers for the first time. They got quite a kick out of that. AND they got to put on life jackets and jump off the big peoples diving board!!!
My little girl did it!! Tried diving - turned into a sort of belly flop - three times!!! She was so excited!!
She passed level one, starfish, and if off to level two, frog.
She is just as proud as I am. So cool.

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