Monday, April 14, 2008

warm fuzzies

Last night Ji said to me:

“Mommy you are my hero.”

Major heart swelling moment I tell ya.

So I haven’t completely forgotten about this bog. Really truly I haven’t.
Hell yesterday was my blogs birthday. Many many years I tell ya.

I have just been swamped with a new position at work, better weather kicking my ass out the door, swimming lessons for LilMiss’Ji and far too much time devoted to a horse park. I don’t even ride anymore!!!
Oh and school.
Finished that last week with a 95%. WAHOO!! I have now graduated from that program. Very awesome.
Finally did my taxes last week – rocks.
And yesterday Gradma took LilMiss’Ji with her so that hub and I could spend the day together shopping at the TnT Supermarket and all the fun stuff around Richmond.
Spent far too much money but we bought crab and that made up for it all.

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