Tuesday, February 26, 2008

poor girl

My poor little girl.
On Monday she was saying her mouth hurt and pointing to the one side. I though it was due to her having gone to he park and playing like a mad woman for over an hour.

Then last night in the tub she says it hurt again. This time I looked in her mouth.
ohh the poor girl, she has a canker sore on her upper lip.
I dont wish that on anyone.

All things considered she is handleing it very well. I told her that there was no medicine that I could give her she just had to brush her teeth really well and I would give her a vitamin cause that always seems to help me.

I just hope she has not inherited from me the curse of the canker sores. I get them when I am tired, sick or stressed. I am a mom who works full time and has a husband who works nights. I AM ALWAYS TIRED AND STRESSED. Thankfully not always sick.


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