Tuesday, February 05, 2008

pillow please

It takes me about 40 minutes to drive into work everyday on the freeway commute with a million other commuters. (the number is almost literal and still our government doesn't think the upper valley needs a transit system. Morons.)

Today it took a little over an hour and a half.
But here is the kicker…

There was not one single accident in that entire stretch of freeway that slowed us down!!
Not one!

There was no snow.

It snowed in my town pretty good but everywhere else it was raining.
What we did have was ice and it had every person on that stretch of freeway comfortably driving at an average speed of 15 ks per hour.
Damn slow. But I was one of those drivers who was very comfortable going that slow. I have good winter tires on and even they had trouble grabbing.

The ground was at freezing level and the tire grooves that develop in the concrete on the freeway over time had filled with rain and frozen. The areas outside of the grooves were bare.
Little scary.
Also very tiresome. Those kinds of drives can really exhaust you.

Then tonight I was the only one with the child opportunity (grandma had Lil’Miss Ji) to stay late and wait until our tech guy fixed our stupid company server that decided it was going to go into lock down mode.
Dumb thing.
I got home real late and I am complaining away cause I am tired.
Just tired.
So is Lil’Miss Ji but she has reached that point where she won’t admit it.
I think people eventually reach an age where they cant pretend when they are tired. Not like kids who go into an over drive mode when they are overly tired and it takes you hours to get them to settle down and go to sleep.
Adults just don’t do that.
They are either awake enough to function or they are just damn tired.
I am tired.

Can someone please tell my kid that she should be too so I can crawl into bed really early tonight.

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